Once successful completion of the Astrology by Correspondence Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced courses has been achieved, there are further exciting challenges ahead to extend your astrological expertise!

As you move on to the Astrology by Correspondence Advanced 2 course, there is a treat in store as you are introduced to "Chiron -The Wounded Hero" - two lessons in one!
* The Chiron Story and Chiron stories for the new century

You then move on to the vexing question of uncertain or unknown birth times:
*Rectification - Part 1: (i) Rectifying an approximate birth time.
  (ii) Fine-tuning the natal chart. 
*Rectification - Part 2: Creating a Speculative chart.

The Astrology by Correspondence Advanced 2 course (currently three lessons) is very reasonably priced at NZ$105.00. You have the choice of receiving the lessons either by email or by post (extra postal charges apply).

To enrol, please contact Carol.

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