The following articles cover areas of astrology as diverse as computers and calculations, horary and Mercury retrograde. They have appeared in publications such as the New Zealand Journal of Astrology, published by the Astrology Foundation Inc; the Astrological Society of New Zealand's Journal of the Seasons; magazines InTouch, Rainbow News and Inspiration Input. Click on the title to link to each article and enjoy! Unless otherwise stated all articles are written by Carol Squires.

Walk along the beach - Living Astrology
An early morning walk had me appreciating more than ever before, the connection between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth and the part they play not only with our tides but our lives, our charts . . .

 Where do I come from? Secrets from the 4th House
The 4th House of the natal chart is all about the very roots of our existence, the beginning and end of all things  . . .

Born on the Cusp
People born around the time of the month when one sign changes to another are often faced with the dilemma "Which star sign am I?"...

Star Sign columns
How often have you heard some people say how amazed they are at the accuracy of the 'star sign' columns, while others dismiss them as having no relevance to their life at all?...

Mercury retrograde
Every few months, Mercury reaches a point in its orbit about the sun where, from our perspective on earth it appears to slow down ...

Tales of Mercury Retrograde
It is rather apt that I have introduced Tales of Mercury Retrograde to my website during the current retrograde cycle.

I invite all who have had a memorable Mercury Retro experience to share your story with us - just email me to be part of our ongoing awareness of the up and downsides of working with its energy.

Synastry - the Astrology of Relationships
Synastry means "together with the stars". It is the art of analysing a relationship of two or more people . . . (this article is an excerpt from Carol's Astrology by Correspondence course).

Merry Christmas — La Joyeux Noel
In the true spirit of Christmas a film shown at a Cannes Film Festival draws on the theme of war and the warriors' dream of peace.

Don't know where you're heading? Ask the planets . . . follow this link to a recent article (published 14 May 2010) by AUT University student of journalism, Dave Ryan.

Computers and astrology
Why do we need to learn chart calculations? this is a good question - and one, I might add, students often ask me...

Horary Corner:

The magic of horary astrology - a beginners guide: part I - the question
Horary astrology is the art of answering those 'need to know' questions that surface at the most inconvenient of times ...

The magic of horary astrology - a beginners guide: part II - the void-of-course moon
The moon is considered void-of-course when it makes no applying aspects to any other planets in the chart before ...

Is my friend OK?
A simple question with a very simple answer . . .

Mercury Retrograde - I Will Return!
I thought I'd lost it – my gold watch that is . . .

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A Good Year ... for Some
A 2004 forecast for our leading political, sporting, entertainment and otherwise newsworthy personalities as featured in the New Zealand Herald.

Farewell Uranus in Aquarius - it's been good to know you!
As I write this in early September 2003, the planet Uranus is in the first degree of the sign of Pisces, the same degree it occupied back in March this year . . .

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