After successful completion of the Astrology by Correspondence Beginners course, you will be ready to progress on to the next stage.

The new revised and updated Astrology by Correspondence Intermediate course expands on the art of interpretation and introduces the more specialised areas of interpretation in natal astrology:
* The Translation of the natal chart
* Retrograde planets
* Aspect configurations
* Planetary patterns
* 'Overloaded' houses and the Overloaded Axis
* The Lacks in a chart
* Arabic Parts, the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit
* Lunar Phase Personalities
* Signs Divided - Decanates and Dwads
* Generation aspects

The Astrology by Correspondence 10-Lesson Intermediate Course is very reasonably priced at NZ$320. You have the choice of receiving the lessons either by email or by post (extra postal charges apply). The course may be started at any time during the year. Lessons may be completed in your own time and at your own pace, within a reasonable time frame.

Why not enrol right now and discover a whole new world of Astrology!

Certificate of achievement

To acknowledge the work and effort involved in successfully completing the course, eligible students are awarded a personalised Intermediate Certificate of Achievement.

Where do I go from here?

There's lots more! This is one of the many exciting things about astrology - once the celestial gateway is open, there is no end to where it will lead you . . . and the Astrology by Correspondence Advanced course is the next step.

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