birthday tarot spread

Birthday tarot spread

Why not celebrate your birthday with a tarot reading? The Birthday tarot spread is designed for people who want to know about themselves and their future. Today, birthday tarot spread is a pervasive way of celebrating the Sun return. It has been growing in popularity, and it can be found in many birthday parties worldwide, even though most people have never heard the history behind the birthday tarot spread.

In this article, you will find out what you wanted to know about the birthday tarot spread but were afraid to ask!

The Origin of the Birthday Tarot Spread

Birthday tarot spreads go back to the early 1900s, although getting a general reading on the special day was not uncommon ever since tarot was invented. The birthday tarot spread was not very popular at that time, and it could only be found at a few parties whose owners wanted to add an esoteric flair to the celebration. However, over the years, the birthday spread got some traction, so now it’s second in popularity only to the relationship tarot spread.

There is no one confirmed version of how the birthday tarot spread came about. However, there is clearly some value behind this practice, and here is why. By definition, the birthday tarot spread is done during the Sun return (meaning that the star-planet coincides with its birth position in one’s natal chart) which provides additional energetic substance to the reading, increasing the chances of an accurate and non-trivial prediction that may well be valid for the whole year.

The Birthday Tarot Spread Variations

Today’s birthday tarot spread is a fairly widespread tradition that can be found almost everywhere worldwide. Most people prefer to celebrate their birthday with friends and family members at a party, so if you are looking for ways to make it more fun you should consider including a birthday tarot spread in your celebration. Here is how you’d do it.

The birthday tarot spread usually contains 7-13 cards, and there are several versions of it.

The Full Deck Spread

You can use either the Raider-Waite Tarot or the Tarot of Maria Lenormand as long as the deck has all the 78 cards. You need to draw 13 of them one by one. The cards’ meanings are as follows.

  1. What state are you in presently, what is in your soul, what is happening around you, what are your thoughts?
  2. What caused you difficulties and what did you manage to work through?
  3. What should you strive for?
  4. What tasks will the Universe set for you to work on this year?
  5. What is stopping you and what should you get rid of?
  6. What workings in the spiritual sense do you already have?
  7. What are your material developments?
  8. What material issues will you have to solve this year?
  9. Spiritually what do you have to decide?
  10. What support from the Higher Forces do you already receive, how is this expressed?
  11. What forces will interfere in your life?
  12. The tangible results of this year you can count on
  13. Spiritual Bottom Line This Year You Can Count On

As you see, this is a very solid spread that uses 1/6 of the entire Tarot deck and is supposed to give you an excellent idea of the entire trajectory from the past into the future.

9-Card Spread

With fewer cards drawn, the picture you’re getting is not as thorough, but the good news is that it should be much easier to comprehend. Here are the meanings.

  1. Events or energies that have outlived themselves and left your life.
  2. Your achievements in the past year, which brought their results this year
  3. Tasks, goals, problems, and desires that will pass from the last year to the current one
  4. What you have at the moment
  5. New energies that will prevail in your life in the near future
  6. Problems that you may face in the coming year
  7. Goals that you can set and achieve in the next year
  8. A general picture of events and energies in the coming year
  9. What gift you can expect from the Higher powers on your birthday – this is your blessing for the next year.

In conclusion

Birthday tarot spreads provide an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the incremental energy generated by the Sun return and get valuable insights into the current state of your life and what to expect in the future. Don’t forget to properly cleanse the deck and focus before the reading and make sure there are no distractions during it. We hope you’ll get all the right answers!

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