Chiron in 11th House

Chiron in 11th House & Synastry

Chiron in 11th House people often become jesters, hiding their ability to see what is essential in a social group under the mask of fun. With it, Chiron pushes the wearer onto a new path of development by using long-winded and confusing arguments. However, with this enthusiasm and intuition the person is quite capable—as was demonstrated in Nikola Tesla’s work with electricity—of turning a garbage heap into a treasure.

Nowadays, Chiron in the 11th House thrives due to the ability to manage energy-information channels. A developed person with this placement can the relationship between ancient and young egregors, directing energy flows for the benefit of himself and the team while attracting extraordinary associates to propagate his ideas. However, when burdened by quadratures, the person is tempted to cheat or get rich using the merits of friends.

Chiron in 11th House

Chiron in 11th house attracts friends from a wide variety of backgrounds. Mercury and Venus, aided by favorable astrological aspects, can create a group of friends numbering in the dozens. They are attracted by the person’s unusual and inexhaustible sense of humor, out-of-the-box thinking and interest in exotic things. High-status and wealthy guardians or patrons often help out of the feeling of carefree fun that comes from communicating with Chiron in the 11th house and its ability to see the problem from an unusual angle.

When harmonious, this combination bestows a whole set of successful traits: being able to talk equally well with the president and the janitor, arousing sympathy from both parties; artfully flattering one group while reconciling it with its rival; and the ability to instantly respond in an extreme situation. Chiron in 11th House indicates an innate desire to help others, often leading one to let compassion inform decisions about how best to address problems. However, this Chiron has no problem with calmly accepting payment for its work when if it offered.

A strong defeat of Chiron in the 11th House can bring double-dealing friends, who take advantage of the person’s kindness to do nasty things behind their back. It will can result in financial loss brought on by involvement with obviously flawed projects; success here comes through creative and research activities.


Strongly influenced by the desire for material success, women with Chiron in XI House often seek out a profession that is related to their personal skills and experiences. And they have every chance to do it! They understand people’s emotions and reactions, which helps them to interpret what is going on around him.

A Chiron in 11th House woman can inspire people to take decisive action with just her presence. She possesses an attractive inner world, which allows her to make influential friends and gain their patronage. Such a girl should not forget to show concern for family members and a loved one.

For a woman, Chiron in the 11th House may manifest as a fear of loneliness, making her compulsively look for friends, participate in uninteresting meetings, or go on a date with someone she doesn’t like. All these are just attempts to become the center of attention, and not real interests. In order to overcome this, the woman should allow people be themselves and accept that they have both good and bad qualities.

If there are indicators of difficulty in childbirth and Chiron is in 11th House, then it may indicate that she will have children through artificial insemination or some other form of assisted reproduction.


Chiron in 11th House men can have quite a big success in the professional field, quickly climbing the career ladder. Inner charm and ability to communicate allow these men to attract influential people as friends who will become mentors and patrons.

However, a Chiron in 11th House guy needs to learn to relax instead of thinking about work around the clock. In addition, it is important to work out your character, not succumbing to temptations and coping with your own impermanence. It is worth learning to protect your core values, but at the same time you should help others as it will strengthen the authority and cleanse karma from past mistakes made.

With Chiron in 11th House, a man feels compelled to challenge people who are in positions of authority. This leads him to violate previously created rules and norms simply because they were not made with him specifically in mind. Often, he will be able to achieve success if he just relaxes and does not hesitate to work hard behind the scenes. His best ideas are held back by his fear of being misunderstood and rejected, but if he would just act on them rather than letting illusions keep him from doing so, success is possible.

Advanced Astrology

Chiron in 11th House gives its natives an ability to adapt to people and situations, a talent for diplomacy and tact, resourcefulness—plus wit. This position also indicates good relations with friends (like-minded or high ranking). Duality, diplomacy, and the art of flattery helps them in all life situations. They are able to stay calm in even the most stressful situations and can come up with a plan that will work no matter what happens. People with Chiron in the 11th House feel strongly about social issues and are willing to go out of their way to help others.

They can simultaneously help others and use someone else’s resources for their own benefit. For people with Chiron in 11th House, there is no such thing as a hierarchy based on gender or politics—much less race, religion or national origin: for them, all people are equal, and they will behave in the same way, both with the CEO and his secretary. They choose friends carefully, and discard those to whom they are not attracted.

When Chiron is afflicted in the 11th house – you have to deal with fake friends who eventually betray you, facing the danger of falling under their influence or their power and losing honor, authority, prestige, and reputation. You can belong to an important group, but your membership won’t necessarily provide you with access to whatever benefits other members might enjoy.

In a positive scenario, Chiron in the 11th House gives people many friends and sponsors; it’s common for them to find private patrons very quickly. The person can become a philanthropist and use his money to help others, but only if those he helps are different from the rest of society. For such a person, friendships are an important part of life. You can often find him or her in the company of like-minded people who share their thoughts and feelings with one another over a cup of coffee or glass of beer. People with this position of Chiron are adept at public relations, advertising or marketing. They feel comfortable when working as agents for others’ ideas and witticisms.

Chiron in 11th House Synastry

The Chiron partner helps the 11th House person make major decisions by introducing them to new people and groups. The 11th House person helps the partner feel a part of something bigger than themselves. The person with Chiron may join groups and organizations as their leader, or help them to do so.

The Chiron man’s path and past relationships may be unique, but in his 11th House relationship he finds support and a true ally. Chiron can help the 11th House person find deeper healing from past events. This partner can lend strength to a person of the 11th House by bringing sudden change into his life, starting new projects with him or joining humanitarian causes.

The Chiron in 11th House partner will enjoy hearing about your friends and group activities, especially when the situation involves an insurmountable obstacle or a state of shock. The partner’s own paradoxical thinking will be sharpened in such cases, and some of his ideas may seem interesting; at least you won’t have to be bored next to him in a friendly company, not to mention what a deep sense of humor you’ll have to develop to follow along.

When you two get into an informal group, the Chiron in 11th House partner’s natural impulse is to make a scapegoat or other source of his wit and paradoxes out of you. If he does it in a rude or overly aggressive manner, you can eventually become offended and break off relations with him. At first, though—depending on his attractiveness to you: as well as the degree of your desire for friendship (or something more) -you might enjoy his behavior simply because it is so outrageous and playful.

Here, evolutionary work gives you the opportunity to overcome the pronounced dead ends of group development by including additional, higher channels in the group egregor. To an outside observer, it can look almost like a miracle: for example, irreconcilable differences disappear tracelessly as if they never existed.

In order to do this, the Chiron in 11th House partner must learn how to address the issues at hand without worrying about who will take credit for them. And you should perceive his or her words and actions as showing you what areas of growth are needed on a personal level—not just by him/her but also by yourself.


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