Chiron in 7th House Synastry

Chiron in 7th House Synastry

Chiron in 7th House synastry sharply increases the chances of marriage regardless of whether or not this is a good idea. This is because Chiron’s position in the 7th House brings oddities with lovers, friends, and business associates, mainly affecting marital relationships. This person does not understand how to maintain loving harmony with one partner or is unsure of personal attractiveness, so he or she provides themselves with a large selection of potential lovers to avoid loneliness.

There are many difficult and paradoxical situations in marriage from which the Chiron in Seventh House synastry partner knows how to find the only way out (which almost always turns out to be extremely original). In a positive scenario, this synastry imposes an intellectual connotation on marriage: here, mental plans jointly realized become crucially important. In a negative one, Chiron in 7th House synastry indicates a cheating romantic or business partner and other forms of deception.

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Chiron in 7th House Synastry Explained

Chiron in 7th House synastry partners will cause your anger or severe irritation with his or her inappropriate jokes and the ability to stumble for no reason, to instantly create chaos, destruction around, or a deadlock that you will not know how to overcome. You will perceive your partner’s behavior too personally, perhaps seeing hostility in them, which they most likely do not mean.

A deeper look, however, will show that the manifestations of the partner that annoy you the most (inappropriate jokes, for instance) are also characteristic of you, and if you consider your partner as your convex mirror, then the claims against them will decrease, and you may well find yourself a great comrade with whom you are never bored and who can find a way out of most challenging situations.

Your Chiron in Seventh House synastry partner can benefit even more: if they try to be delicate with you and avoid outright silliness. Having learned to collaborate with you, this partner can discover unexpected abilities in him- or herself and overcome seemingly impassable obstacles to personal growth (which ones exactly will be shown by the position of Chiron in their natal chart).

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