Chiron in Pisces

Chiron in Pisces

Chiron in Pisces manifests itself for women and men in a mystical way, forming a sensitive personality that connects with higher forces on the spiritual and cosmic levels. Pisces always seems incredibly mysterious and strange. For many people, the inner world of this Zodiac sign remains unfathomable, although such people often attract interest due to their uniqueness, as well as intuitive understanding of the occult, psychic and esoteric.

Chiron in Pisces: Character and Personality

Chiron in Pisces is full of creative drives and talents, so this placement can pull one toward the arts. In their free time, Chiron in Pisces people attends concerts, exhibitions, theaters and museums that become valuable sources of energy and inspire Chiron in Pisces to create something of its own. These people are known for their excellent taste and craving for beauty, and they surround themselves with fine things.

Chiron in Pisces often behaves unselfishly and needs to have a reliable and strong partner who will become a guide and leader taking care of problems. A strong contradiction is formed inside this combination which may disrupt friendly and romantic relations. the natal chart and horoscope are considered a very good addition, because they actively help each other. Here, Chiron allows one to become more self-confident and persistent, and therefore likely to achieve success.

Pisces is marked by a sacrificial and kind nature, which can hurt. If Chiron in Pisces slides down the negative path, the person’s becomes psychologically unstable  and unreliable, resorting to lies and deceit in order to get personal benefits. This is a sure path to self-destruction, and the only way out is through self-discipline and cultivating your best qualities in yourself. What exacerbates the situation is that Chiron in Pisces risks letting in toxic friends or loved ones who have a negative impact, often falling in love with addicts, a pathological lier, or a dysfunctional partner who is unable to take care of themselves.

Chiron in Pisces Women

Women with Chiron in Pisces are sensitive and intuitive. They are often misunderstood but they have a deep understanding of people and situations. They have a desire to help others, which can make them appear selfless. Women with this placement tend to be very creative and romantic, and their intuition is often more developed than their logical mind.

From an early age, a Chiron in Pisces woman differs from her peers in her way of thinking. They tend to get get good grades in school and are interested in science, research and art. As they grow, they become receptive and sentimental girls who react so sensitively that it is too easy to offend them. In general, Chiron in Pisces demonstrates a fair degree of insecurity, creating a suspicious girl who is used to blaming herself for mistakes and evading taking bold actions.

To be successful in life and love, a Chiron in Pisces women should learn to throw out everything superfluous, distracting and destructive, including negative thoughts. Otherwise, achieving happiness and internal freedom is unlikely.

Chiron In Pisces Men

Chiron in Pisces men demonstrate strength and impulsiveness, which coexist harmoniously with receptivity and sensitivity. This is often an attractive guy who is always surrounded by the fair sex. But it is difficult for him to create strong and stable relationships due to incontinence, aggressiveness and duality of nature. All this becomes the reason for the emergence of serious conflict situations.

Quite often, Chiron in Pisces awakens a desire to do creative work, and not for the money but for spiritual pleasure. The man can sincerely love art and literature, resorting to creativity to express himself and relax. Here, Chiron helps the man to clearly convey his thoughts to those around. Thus, the good fields for self-realization are politics, science, and law. However, it’s worth remembering that true success can be achieved only with the help of a wise and experienced mentor.

Chiron in Pisces: Advanced Astrology

In the lower octave, Chiron raises a large turbidity around Pisces, throwing the person from side to side, from occultism into extreme materialism, or deep into inner experiences, but nowhere can it find a sufficiently reliable beginning, a pivot that will give it the much-needed stability. However, the meaning of the temporal flow, events and experiences that Chiron gives to Pisces is that the person must reconsider her views on the world and herself, learn to respect both her external and internal reality, and see a direct connection between them.

In a developed form, this aspect gives the ability to see one’s own and other people’s subconscious programs as (almost) palpable objects, the ability to navigate the energy flows and karmic programs of different egregors, clear clairvoyance in many matters, etc. But for this, Pisces should develop a very clear ethics for itself, which alone can save it from chaotic throwing and muddy waters of egocentrism.

External problems are always the consequences of internal ones: and as the latter are resolved, the former disappear on their own – this is the single most important lesson taught by Chiron to Pisces. But in order to assimilate this principle, Pisces needs to learn to understand its subconsciousness and its problems; Chiron also gives this opportunity, but requires a restructuring of the ethics of Pisces: at the same time, it turns out that it is not only actions that can be unethical, but also intense thoughts and desires. Chiron gives Pisces a practical orientation and, at the same time, a unique vantage point: the person becomes inclined to use her psychological and mystical abilities practically by working with other people.

The study of this aspect gives Pisces the opportunity for practical and sometimes quite concrete, effective and constructive actions, which is extremely rare for underdeveloped Pisces. However, no Pisces should be carried away with activity due to the subtlety of its karmic tasks, which can only be carried out directly by the egregor (then events develop as if by themselves).