Men and Women with Chiron in Scorpio

Chiron in Scorpio

Groundless anxiety and unexpected and destructive mood swings are the usual companions of Chiron in Scorpio. Unreasonable suffering gradually destroys the psyche and greatly affects the person’s behavior. Scorpio is under the rule of Uranus and Mars who fill its life with chaos, endless internal struggle, but also passion. When Chiron enters Scorpio, the planet’s energy somewhat smoothes the Sign, making it more calm and flexible. Unfortunately, due to the strong influence of Uranus and Mars, the Chiron in Scorpio personality can hardly be called balanced and poise.

Key character traits

The constant internal struggle provokes a surge of emotions that Chiron in Scorpio needs to release. Otherwise, the person will gradually be destroyed from the inside. Such people are prone to self-flagellation. Even if they have not done anything wrong, they can still be overcome with guilt. To help this, Chiron in Scorpio needs to accept itself and identify its feelings (sessions with a professional psychologist and art therapy will be beneficial).

When its personality develops, material goods will not matter that much for Chiron in Scorpio as it starts focusing on spiritual and mental development. Such people usually plunge into esotericism, occultism, and lucid dreaming, often successfully. Thanks to spiritual practices, Chiron in Scorpio people seem to be reborn: they discover themselves, get filled with inner energy and learn to look at the world with a different set of eyes.

If either Chiron or Scorpio is afflicted, this aspect may aggravate internal psychological battles and conflicts to an extreme. As a result, the person will plunge into self-deception thinking the whole world is against them. If this state persists for too long, Chiron in Scorpio can develop a mental illness.

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Chiron in Scorpio Women

A woman with Chiron in Scorpio often attracts unsuitable men and gets into unpleasant situations. By nature, she is distinguished by passion and desire for a beautiful and easy-going life where sex plays an important role, but that will happen only if she can avoid partners that are dangerous and unpredictable.

A Chiron in Scorpio woman strives for big money, can provoke aggression in men, show irascibility, and ruin relationships on a whim. She should find a reasonable middle ground in communication and try to focus on partners who meet her expectations right from the start.

A Chiron in Scorpio woman’s strengths include high sensitivity and passion, ability to quickly adapt to difficult situations, and ambitiousness. The main drawbacks of her personality are overconfidence and excessive fearlessness, coldness combined with ostentatious touchiness, and the tendency to believe flattery and succumb to sham charm.

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Chiron in Scorpio Men

A Chiron in Scorpio man is distinguished by a strong character, courage, and decisiveness, but there are inherent contradictions in his actions and deeds. He often knows exactly what to do but acts in the opposite way. He does not have special sensitivity to anything: rather, he is characterized by rationality, caution, and practicality, but sometimes he is prone to addictions and completely unpredictable actions.

Chiron in Scorpio men can think reasonably and logically, but at the same time, it is difficult for them to embrace esoterics so they can concurrently deny the mystical side of life and visit fortune-tellers or clairvoyants. Chiron in Scorpio men need to learn to accept their weaknesses and find a connection between the material and spiritual world.

Men with retrograde Chiron in Scorpio

In a retrograde position, Chiron contributes to the isolation and constriction of the man. Here, Chiron directs its powers to itself and can do unpredictable and strange things causing considerable frustration and misunderstandings in others. For a man with a retrograde Chiron in Scorpio, consciousness and subconsciousness are often at odds with each other so it is difficult for him to make decisions and act logically and coherently in most situations.

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Chiron in Scorpio: advanced astrology

Chiron in Scorpio deepens internal contradictions and strengthens the desire for emotional self-expression. Chiron gives Scorpio a subconscious feeling of materiality and the desire to understand the programs of its own and other people’s subconsciousness. In a developed form, this aspect gives a brilliant psychologist for whom the processes and structures of the subconscious seem to be as materialized as a psychology textbook is for others.

However, growth here is hampered as Chiron is imprisoned in Scorpio, which creates chaos in the external and internal world of the person. Thus, Chiron in Scorpio requires accepting not only the objective and independent existence of the subconscious programs but also their ability to influence the outside world: in other words, the person needs to recognize that every human being is a magician at least to some extent. When this happens, the vision of the subtle world (especially its astral plane) and specific magical abilities (i.e. interactions with astral entities) are revealed; however, defeated Chiron in this case is likely to turn to classic black magic.

Scorpio Chiron requires a qualitatively different formulation of the question of the transformation of reality (both external and internal). At a low level, this aspect gives such an emotional overlap that the person involuntarily wants to understand her- or himself deeper to avoid destroying themselves and others. This is not easy to figure out since the lower Scorpio is characterized by high self-confidence, especially in cases of righteous anger and revenge. The latter, however, will backfire so unexpectedly that the person will be forced to think better.

At a higher level, Chiron in Scorpio knows how to subtly play on the subconscious level causing emotional states (in others and themselves) with strong aftermath and great effects, although not always being able to predict whether it will be positive or negative.

Improving Chiron in Scorpio is hard as the personal emotional luggage in the subconscious is heavy, but the results will be precious since developing this aspect requires the person to find a means of controlling coarse emotions (instead of suppressing them) through sublimation and to cleverly use the released energy in appropriate fields (for example, in psychology and psychiatry).