Jupiter in 12th House Synastry

Jupiter in 12th House Synastry

Jupiter in 12th House synastry relationships are based on an emotional and sensual connection reinforced by the partners’ shared hobbies in meditation, religious mysticism, occultism, etc. This synastry is highly effective for business partnerships in areas associated with religion and wholesomeness. The “Jupiterian” personality helps the Twelfth House person to cope with problems on a subconscious level, rising above painful and negative memories from the past, which helps in honing intuitive abilities and setting up a strong ground for the future reincarnation.

In a negative scenario, Jupiter in Twelfth House synastry partners can indulge in destructive addictions on a subconscious level, encouraging each other in psychological laxness and negligence.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Jupiter in 12th House Synastry Explained

On a high level of spiritual development, a Jupiter in 12th House Synastry partner can be the source of divine; on a low one, the partner will only claim to have it and try to capitalize on your readiness to believe it. General, this is an aspect of a spiritual teacher who has the gift to awaken in you benevolence towards the world and people and magnanimity of the soul in the best sense of the word. However, abuses are possible both on the partner’s and your part; until you overcome them Jupiter in Twelfth House synastry will most likely carry you off the religious path.

It is necessary that the partner had something to offer: their Jupiter should be developed and in top shape, otherwise, instead of divine grace they will drown you in mediocrity hiding under the guise of secret truths that are not accessible to you yet. On the other hand, it is likely that the partner will require you to serve him or her under the pretext of them being a manifestation of the Absolute. You can take these messages at face value, or, feeling the partner’s self-interest, oppose it with your own, which often goes as psychological compensation for a failed attempt at altruism. In either case, your relationship will quickly become difficult until you get completely disappointed and breaks it up.

The main and very difficult lesson of Jupiter in 12th House synastry is the need for purity and sincerity in areas that are seductively easy for the partner and simultaneously mysterious but essential for you. In general, this is a strong aspect (Jupiter is in its dominion), and working on it gives a peculiar and positive balance: at some point, each of you receives substantially more from this relationship than he or she gives.

from A. Podvodny

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