Mars in 10th House Synastry

Mars in 10th House Synastry

Mars in 10th House synastry relationships are based on joint professional activities. Common interests and mutual stimulation for these individuals arise in such spheres of life as science, engineering, and finance.

The “Martian” personality strives against the background of the Tenth House person to show his capabilities and a tireless desire to satisfy personal ambitions. The latter, on the other hand, provides admiration for the ambitious activities of the “Martian” personality, treating its impulsiveness and pressure with caution and taking into account that in some cases its actions and their consequences may be unsafe for them both.

Mars in Tenth House synastry partners can successfully work together in the field of political activity, commerce, research and production activities, sports, and any other where it is required to fully demonstrate their ambitious aspirations at the high levels. When Mars is afflicted, the partners begin to see each other as a competitor even them playing on the same team. If Mars is positive, they are team members in the best sense of the word.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Mars in 10th House Synastry Explained

Mars culminates in the Tenth House, and your synastry partner and you are potentially capable of veritable feats, but first you need to resolve some complications. Firstly, the partner’s activity can be directed at you not too tactfully, and secondly, you would like to solve some issues without outside help, which for some reason the partner refuses to understand.

If the partner’s Mars is strong, his interference in your affairs can take a big burden off you: he will make the choices for you, and internally you will lay on him the responsibility for thise choice. But when the results of those coinces contradict your intentions, your attitude to the partner (and, most importantly, his active participation in your life) can shift to resentment. Mars in Tenth House synastry is especially strong when the partner is above you on the social ladder: then you can ouvertly admire and obey him in everything, but secretly hate him for the humiliation that he (as you believe) subjects you to.

For spiritual relations, Mars in 10th Hose synastry also represents the temptation of too rough and straightforward an influence on the student in whose Tenth House the master’s Mars falls. At the same time, outwardly, the student’s choice may correspond to the master’s requirements, but in the subconsciousness of them both lower evolutionary programs can be activated, reducing the effect of their interaction to a negative value.

With this aspect, the partner needs to learn to restrain his impulses to help you when you have to make your own choice, remembering that your inner reality is very different from his own. At the same time, you need to get used to the fact that the choices you face as a result of your Mars in 10th House synastry partners’ influcence puts you are often always spiritual in nature and must be resolved primarily from ethical, not pragmatic, viewpoints.

from A. Podvodny

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