Mars in 2nd House Synastry

Mars in 2nd House Synastry

Influences blown in your direction from the side of a Mars in 2nd House synastry partner will rarely reach their goal: you will feel them indirectly, noting the increased tension of your environment, which will not always be recorded by your consciousness, and even less often will you connect with the true source of aggression. Most often it will remain as if invisible: this is how children react to the demands of adults, creating around themselves something like an elastic shell.

Your reactions will be direct if the partner reverses (and this is typical under Mars in 2nd House synastry) his or her activity to areas directly related to your energy and well-being, or begins to seriously press you from the ethical side. If you have an ethical conflict, especially when choosing between your honor and financial success, it is very likely that the partner will be very lively and begin to incline your choice in one direction or another. Knowing this, you can use it in situations that are unpleasant to you, so that later you can completely shift the blame and responsibility onto him, hypocritically asserting: “I followed your advice exactly, and you see what came of it.

However, such games do you much more harm than you think; ideally, you should pay maximum attention precisely to your partner’s sharp criticisms of your value system and adjust it accordingly (but, of course, you should do this yourself, and not follow his or her instructions). Mars in Second House synastry partners will also be attracted to your wealth (or, conversely, to a disastrous state), but they can receive less from you or in partnership with you than they think: this aspect actually promises you much more (and, accordingly, is more dangerous for you) in financial and ethical relations; unless, of course, the partner’s Mars is not in their Second House also.

from A. Podvodny

Mars in 2nd House Synastry Explained

Mars in 2nd House synastry forms relationships that are based on common financial and business interests and are distinguished by their high energy levels.

If the Mars is strong, healthy and positive, the people become good business partners, working efficiently and gladly. If the Mars is weak or afflicted, sharp disagreements arise. The same also applies to any other relationships formed under Mars in Second House synastry.

The personality of the Second House considers the “Martian” one too aggressive, impulsive, demanding and extravagant in financial matters. The “Martian”, on the other hand, considers the identity of the Second House to be conservative and meager in financial matters.

by Geocult

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