Mars-Pluto Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Mars-Pluto Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Mars-Pluto synastry combinations symbolize a conflict of volitional aspirations and a clash of interests. Resistance arises to the manifestation of any authority: the partners can interfere with and even take revenge on each other.

If the natal charts are generally compatible, there is less annoyance, but disharmonious aspects may lead to violence. In marriage, Mars-Pluto synastry aspects indicate problems with sexual attunement, and both conjunction and opposition can provoke sexual perversions if one of the partners is prone to this.

Pluto Conjunct Mars Synastry

Like most conjunctions, Pluto conjunct Mars synastry has the tendency to play out positively unless the planets are afflicted.

Pluto conjunct Mars synastry relationships are based on dynamic interactions. In a positive scenario, the partners join forces and collaborate in business and professional activities, especially spiritual and educational ones. Pluto conjunct Mars synastry partners serve in the army or the police, collaborate as engineers or scientists. Their activities may be associated with the preservation of secrets or with the endless struggle with intrigues. The partners’ competitiveness in achieving personal career ambitions can involve them in difficult and dangerous situations. It’s paramount for them to feel mutually independent, and any attempt on it is fraught with conflicts.

If the relationship is harmonious, the partners respect each other’s personal freedom. The “Plutonian” tries to retrain or remake “Martian” in terms of making it more reserved and not so easily irascible while the “Martian” tries to liberate the “Plutonian” and encourage his or her impulsiveness. Romantic relationships based on Pluto conjunct Mars synastry are fairly common as strong physical attraction may well arise between partners who actively contribute to the physical and spiritual self-improvement of each other, which allows us to overcome many life problems and troubles.

In a negative scenario, mutual influence can be unconstructive and even dangerous as both partners risk recklessly regardless of the stakes.

Mars conjunct Venus synastry

Woman’s Mars Conjunct Man’s Pluto

This type of Mars conjunct Pluto synastry is an intense and passionate aspect in which the woman abandons her traditional role and becomes identified with the animus figure. Due to her power, the man finds new ways to activate his subconscious depths. Thus, she becomes his driving force. He is a rough diamond, and as a result of her incessant search, he is able to gain the power that will eventually revive them both. When the man’s dormant potential is brought to life by her demands, great disorder is possible, but the end result will be very dynamic growth unless there are strong negative factors in the synastry.

Woman’s Pluto Conjunct Man’s Mars

This variation of Pluto conjunct Mars synastry brings out intensity and passion. The final completion of all set goals is possible, which allows both individuals to climb up the social or even the evolutionary ladder. The woman never ceases to get rid of her outlived past while the man persistently strives for the future. In this sense, both partners act as a regenerating force for each other. Sexuality can get intense in this Pluto conjunct Mars synastry, and because of this the karmic patterns of the past can be surfaced, eliminated, and replaced with an exciting spiritual freshness and anticipation of the bright future.

Mars Square Pluto Synastry

Mars square Pluto synastry relationships face a number of difficulties mainly associated with the partners’ unwillingness to yield to and obey each other even in situations when it makes perfect sense.

The “Martian” personality in no way wants to alter according to the “Plutonian’s” plan which, for its part, cannot calmly look at the energetic impulsiveness of the “Martian”. If individuals are also immature, their behavior is similar to the Mars – Uranus synastry. Serious business and family relationships cannot be formed between Mars square Pluto partners. Furthermore, the partners can stimulate each other to ill-considered and even illegal actions of a criminal nature, putting themselves in danger and jeopardizing those around them.

Venus Square Pluto Synastry

Man’s Mars Square Woman’s Pluto

This is by far the more difficult variation of Mars square Pluto synastry. The “essence of survival” of each partner comes into conflict with the other as they both try to stay in touch with their sense of self. The man fights openly to defend his independence while the woman does the same subconsciously. Strong tension is possible, as well as an abundance of quarrels since each of the partners is trying to defeat the other.

Passionate sexuality can ultimately transform the woman who constantly destroys the past while the man sets the stage for the future. If there are no other constructive and strong connections between the two natal charts, then the partners may not have a common ground for blending the man’s past and the woman’s future. As a result, this Mars square Pluto synastry reveals the harsh reality of violent self-transformation which may be way too turbulent for a long-term relationship.

Man’s Mars Square Woman’s Pluto

This type of Pluto square Mars synastry is very fickle since the woman (identifying with the figure of the animus) loses herself in the subconscious motives of her partner. Both partners are struggling for power, each hoping to defeat the other. The man can be stubborn if he feels that his needs are being suppressed. Intense sexuality can be a theater of operations used to resolve the underlying incompatibility of this synastry. Ultimately, the man will experience transformation as he becomes aware of his new spiritual depths. However, he hardly ever comes close to the woman’s consciousness, no matter how much he changes or grows under the pressure of this Pluto square Mars combination.

Mars Trine Pluto Synastry

Mars trine Pluto synastry is characterised by dynamic self-expression of the partners in all spheres of their joint life. They actively stimulate each other to improve themselves. Mars trine Pluto synastry is considered very promising for joint ventures in business and in personal and domestic situations. The “Plutonian” thoughtfully and purposefully helps the “Martian” solve practical problems, and the latter helps practically embody all the ideas and theoretical projects of the “Plutonian”. In romantic and marital relationships, Pluto trine Mars synastry implies high physical attraction.

Woman’s Pluto Trine Man’s Mars

This variation of Pluto trine Mars synastry enhances the sexual tone in the relationship. The man sees the depth of his partner and, because of his intensity, can bring to the surface the desires hidden in her subconscious. The woman experiences numerous changes, breaking with her past, and the man gives her an incentive to move forward into the future. As a result, this Mars trine Pluto relationship can be characterized by dynamic, mutually beneficial growth.

Woman’s Mars Trine Man’s Pluto

In this version of Mars trine Pluto synastry the woman identifies with her animus and leads the man to significant internal transformations. He rips off the shackles of a useless past while she pushes him towards a more self-centered future. Sexual instincts are activated as both partners are involved in the regenerative process. Because of her strength and his depth, the relationship can be very dynamic, possibly pushing the man further and further from his origins and closer to his partner’s aspirations. In essence, the woman complements her partner’s needs which are brought to the surface by her energy.

Mars Opposite Pluto Synastry

Mars opposite Pluto synastry relationships are often distinguished by outright hostility of the partners as they consider each other an immediate threat to their personal freedom and interests. When either side tries to exert pressure and influence on the other, quarrels and conflicts inevitably arise.

The “Martian” loudly protests against the attempts of the “Plutonian” to remake and re-educate him or her while the latter considers the impulsiveness and excessive activity of the “Martian” to be dangerous, ill-conceived, and ineffective. The complete incompatibility of Mars opposite Pluto synastry partners can even result in an assault. Thus, the best strategy for people with this synastry is to stay away from each other or at least minimize their interactions.

Man’s Mars Opposite Woman’s Pluto

Man’s Mars opposite Woman’s Pluto synastry creates serious tension. There can be cruelty, hatred, and possibly even violence in a relationship as the man persistently urges and pushes the woman towards the realization that everything has to change if she is to experience a rebirth. She may resent the harshness of his attacks and end up feeling that the relationship is offering her only harsh treatment and punishment. Sexuality can be very intense, but rudeness and cruelty are inherent to it as the partner show neither kindness nor respect to one another.

Man’s Pluto Opposite Woman’s Mars

This version of Mars opposite Pluto synastry makes the woman over-emphasize the male role. Things become exaggerated as she tries to reach her partner at the very center of his subconscious existence. She razzes and provokes him, subconsciously seeking punishment for her lack of femininity. The man feels his transformation but cannot connect with the outbursts of irritation and anger that he sees in his partner.

Woman’s Mars opposite man’s Pluto has an animalistic quality that seems to bring out the worst in both partners. Perversive sexual proclivities tend to flourish under this synastry, but even without pronounced aberrations sex between these partners becomes dirty but also pleasurable, often being the only bridge keeping the partners together.

Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry

Mars sextile Pluto synastry relationships are characterized by high energy and determination. The areas of joint activity primarily include business, technology, finance, and sports. Due to the additional dual influence of the Eighth House in Mars sextile Pluto synastry, the individuals are keenly interested in the issues of the immortality of the soul and the occult, which allows them to grow spiritually.

Since Mars sextile Pluto synastry is a highly intellectual aspect, it helps form relationships in the public service (army, the police, government agencies), scientific research, engineering and technology, labor, politics, and finance. The partners have many common friends and associates, and their family relationships are usually excellent. The “Plutonian” contributes to the “Martian” realizing their potential more meaningfully and effectively while the “Martian” helps the “Plutonian” get a more realistic vision of their activities. In general, the partners contribute to the development of strong character and will in each other. Mars sextile Pluto synastry can also form positive romantic relationships with noticeable sexual overtones.

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