Moon-Venus Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Moon-Venus Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Moon-Venus synastry is one of the most important aspects of a Synastry Chart. Both Venus and the Moon are very powerful planets that symbolize many aspects of our romantic and social life, as well as how we express our female energy (which both men and women have).

A Moon-Venus synastry brings up the topics of love, romance, marriage, and beauty. Depending on whether is a positive or negative aspect at play, the combination can make the people into loving partners who respond well to positive feedback and try hard to please the person they love or completely frustrate them sexually and emotionally.

Moon Sextile Venus Synastry

Moon sextile Venus synastry is highly beneficial for those seeking romantic and marital relationships. The partners clearly sympathize with each other and strive to constantly spend time together, finding more and more common interests in various fields of activity. Their striving for harmony, comfort, and coziness with a common home strengthens their relationship. They are socially active and have many common friends.

With the positivity of Moon sextile Venus synastry, a strong sensory-emotional connection is established between the partners, which may well function on an intuitive level. The social and artistic expressiveness of the “Venusian” is enhanced by emotional and everyday support from the “Lunar” individuality. Moon sextile Venus synastry works well in relationships between parents and children when unconditional love and understanding prevail over everything else.

With the positivity of the other synastry factors, it is very likely that a romantic relationship will arise between Moon sextile Venus partners. In addition, this combination is very promising in the formation of business relationships, especially in the field of beauty.

Moon Square Venus Synastry

Moon square Venus synastry characterizes a complex relationship. Embarrassment and difficulty in expressions of sympathy for each other often lead to irresponsibility in romantic relationships, which entails emotional suffering and disappointment. In a number of cases, a purely physical or unconscious emotional attraction arises between the partners, which is rather short-lived and unstable due to their spiritual and intellectual incompatibility.

Marital relationships under Moon square Venus synastry are formed either from mercantile reasons or as a result of external pressure in order to preserve the integrity of reputation, not out of pure motives. Moon square Venus synastry is also not conducive to financial, business, and professional relationships as the partners are pulling the enterprise in different (though not necessarily opposite) directions. Theoretically, they can interact well only in large social groups when their personal contacts are minimized or carried out through intermediaries.

Moon square Venus synastry is not disharmonious enough to become dangerous but it is still not as favorable as the other aspects between the Moon and Venus. There may be slight jealousy of one partner for another and small family conflicts. There is a certain difference in tastes or social interests. However, if there is sincere affection between the partners, they will successfully adapt to each other.

Venus Square Pluto Synastry

Man’s Moon Square Woman’s Venus

This variation of Moon square Venus synastry indicates tension. The woman is forced to face her mother figure’s subconscious rivalry while the man may view the woman as a source of conflict between him and his own mother. Because the relationship is dominated by the woman, the man often feels that he is being thwarted in his attempts to successfully achieve the male role he wants to play. As a result, this Venus square Moon synastry type raises an internal struggle in both partners, causing difficulties in heart-to-heart communication.

Man’s Venus Square Woman’s Moon

In this configuration of Venus square Moon synastry, the woman tries to play the role of her mother but sees how a mature maternal instinct is struggling with the inner child. If she has never fully resolved childhood issues with her mother, she tends to transfer this role to her partner. Fighting for a sense of his own worth, he, in turn, re-experiences the conflict with his own mother and the inner feelings of resentment he could experience as a child. Both partners need to resolve the feelings from the past if the relationship is to work out.

Moon Conjunct Venus Synastry

Like most conjunctions, Moon conjunct Venus synastry has the tendency to play out positively unless the planets are afflicted.

Moon conjunct Venus synastry love matches are blessed with strong physical attraction and deep relational accord. Here, romantic harmony reigns supreme. Venus is the planet of feelings and values; she cultivates a taste for what’s beautiful and life-affirming. The Moon rules fantasy, perception, and receptivity. When Venus links hands with her lunar counterpart, relationships tend to get real because the Venusian lover shares a dreamy worldview that beckons from beyond reality (for better or worse). Moon conjunct Venus synastry makes it possible to share true intimacy on every level—mind, body, and spirit. At their best, these soul mates attract support to each other’s lives like excess luggage attracts airport porters

The “Lunar” personality is able to skillfully ensure the everyday and emotional security of the “Venusian” who, in turn, ensures absolute mutual understanding with its love and artistic self-expression. Moon conjunct Venus synastry is very beneficial in creating family relationships and matrimony, as well as any relationship that may arise among people living and working under the same roof. Peace, love, harmony, and mutual understanding will be the basis of such a relationship. Both personalities are not at all isolated within the confines of their “happy nest” – they are socially active and have many common friends and associates.

The negativity of Moon conjunct Venus synastry will be the cause of weakness and licentiousness of the partners, as well as a mediocre lazy pastime and the search for carnal pleasures.

Mars conjunct Venus synastry

Woman’s Moon Conjunct Man’s Venus

This type of Moon conjunct Venus synastry is a configuration that creates a highly erotic and romantic attraction. It reflects the Man desiring straight-up sexual pleasure, which can be fully fulfilled through this relationship with the woman whose very being has an arousing effect on him due to their shared wiring.

This union can make feelings of intense passion stronger than ever before in both partners’ lives: their energies are closely matched, and what excites one partner will also excite the other. The Man may find himself thinking about her all day; she becomes his top priority as she has captured his heart and he wants to know more about her. His manly confidence rises.

Woman’s Venus Conjunct Man’s Moon

In this variation of Venus conjunct Moon synastry, there is almost always the issue of trust and sexuality. The Woman can be sexually frustrated because she wants to feel loved, but if she doesn’t get what she needs from her partner then she may become emotionally distant.

This aspect indicates a relationship with a “female orientation”. Artistic interests, musical taste, and the development of personal talents are important here. However, the woman must be accountable if she wants this partnership to work. Even if the man is sensitive and receptive, she cannot rely on him more than on her own inner emotional experience and strength.

Moon Trine Venus Synastry

Moon trine Venus synastry is considered one of the most favorable in the formation of romantic relationships. Both partners find great pleasure in communicating with each other, having a lot of common interests in the intellectual sphere and that of fashion and beauty.

If the other factors are favorable, a strong physical attraction arises between the individuals, supported by emotional and sensory compatibility. The Moon trine Venus synastry partners have almost identical ideas about key life values and engage in building a common home with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The “Venusian” has a significant social and aesthetic positive influence on the “Lunar” who boosts the former’s confidence by covering their back at home, thus contributing to a more effective and powerful creative self-expression of the “Venusian”.

The double connection of this aspect with Taurus, in combination with the expansive Solar-Jupiter nature of trine itself, suggests that Moon trine Venus synastry is very favorable in the formation of business relationships (especially in beauty-related fields), as well as in practical housing construction. If the synastry is generally positive, the partners will treat each other with mutual respect and kindness.

Woman’s Venus Trine Man’s Moon

This variation of Venus trine Moon synastry has a female orientation and is characterized by mutual receptivity and sensitivity. The man seeks to satisfy his needs, and the woman complements the pattern of love he learned from his mother. Thus, the love he receives from his partner is well-known to his subconscious. This Venus trine Moon synastry adds a note of lightness and ease to what can be a great partnership.

Woman’s Moon Trine Man’s Venus

This version of Moon trine Venus synastry results in excellent compatibility. The woman feels emotionally comfortable and her partner enjoys her support and motherhood. Both partners emphasize creativity as the principle of the Mother of God feeds this relationship from the natural resources of the universe. As a result, a steady stream of feelings, intuition, and cooperation strengthens the harmony of the relationship. The man can appreciate how his mother has contributed to the development of his needs. Therefore, it is easy for him to transfer his mother’s love to his Moon trine Venus partner.

Moon Opposite Venus Synastry

Moon opposite Venus synastry relationships are based on romantic feelings and strong physical attraction; however, unlike the other synastric aspects of the Moon-Venus, the emotional and sensual connection here is much more fragile. The aspect of opposition, as well as the planet Venus, implies the formation of relationships for individuals who are mature enough to overcome the problems that arise between them; so no invisible hand will mend the

Moon opposite Venus synastry is very effective for marital and romantic relationships. Both partners share a number of interests, especially in the field of beauty, and indulge each other with luxurious items and pastimes, abuse of food, drink, and other substances. Due to a focus on leisure,  establishing serious financial and business relationships here is very hard.

Man’s Moon Opposite Woman’s Venus

Man’s Moon opposite Woman’s Venus synastry causes difficulties at the level of the senses. The relationship appears to be of a female orientation. The woman subconsciously struggles with the power of her mother.

A man who experienced a difficult childhood is drawn into these relationships in order to develop new emotional attitudes. He subconsciously sees how the partner displays his own mother’s concern with her femininity, which allows him to learn lessons that will eventually allow him to get in touch with his true feelings.

Man’s Venus Opposite Woman’s Moon

In this version of Moon opposite Venus synastry, as far as the perception of the man is concerned, the woman simultaneously acts as herself and his mother. She can create situations aimed at making the man punish her. Through his power, she can learn to distinguish her own feelings from those that were projected onto her in childhood.  This is a difficult psychological complex that can destroy the relationship. The man, apparently, plays a very minor role in this, and he may feel resentment. Both partners may never see each other for who they really are. While working on this synastric type of Moon opposite Venus can be beneficial, solving the problem can end the relationship: both suddenly and definitely.

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