Neptune in 6th House Synastry

Neptune in 6th House Synastry

Neptune in 6th House synastry forms rather strange relationships marked by the element of the unusual. For example, the “Neptunian” personality may suddenly turn unreliable, lazy, and selfish, which is detrimental to any constructive activity, especially when work requires being focused and detail-oriented. Should the Sixth House person express dissatisfaction, the “Neptunian” counterpart may overreact blaming the partner for being perry, psychologically callous and purely materialistic.

Negative aspects of this synastry encourage bad habits that are destructive for health, including but not limited to substance abuse. Positive aspects make the partners actively pursue spiritual evolution, healthy diet and lifestyle, and charity. The “Neptunian” personality here can leverage its intuition for effective realization of joint plans.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Neptune in 6th House Synastry Explained

Neptune in 6th House synastry is a hard spot for Neptune, and you’ll be the one feeling it. The partner’s participation in your work, even his or her mere presence, threatens with mishaps of all sorts, confusion, and mistakes. Not all of them can be attributed to your partner directly, but you will soon notice that their proximity does seem to interfere with your workflow.

In a harmonious scenario, Neptune in Sixth House synastry may manifest in a pleasant relaxation that your partner brings: this will diminish your concentration and increase the number of faults. This, however, may not discourage neither you nor our partner who will feel quite extatic seeing you work (without being able to explain, why). Generally, this partner may consider you a great help in their Neptunian affairs ranging from machinations and manipulations of all sorts to chilling at a party involving alcohol and hard drugs.

If Neptune in 6th House synastry becomes a basis for a sexual relationship, its natures will likely be quite specific and untraditional while any damage to Neptune will likely lead to perversions. As the relationship develops, however, the roles may shift as you begin to use the partner in your work, leveraging their Neptunian talents, both high and low, depending on your evolutionary level. This means you can instruct the partner either lie, feign, and conspire, or show mercy, compassion and cosmic love.

from A. Podvodny

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