Pluto in 2nd House Synastry

Pluto in 2nd House Synastry

Pluto in 2nd House synastry’s main feature is that it gives relationships the financial and materialistic coloring in all areas of joint life, such as science, technology, research, manufacturing, and advertising. However, while financial issues might be prevailing, both individuals have a high degree of responsibility, especially when it comes to social aspects.

If Pluto is afflicted, its falling into the Second House significantly worsens the situation due to ego-centrism and shortsightedness of both partners as disagreements and conflicts arise between them in areas of efficient use of material resources and the adoption of unreasonable decisions.

With a positive Pluto, partners can interact very effectively. The “Plutonian” personality teaches the person of the Second House to invest wisely and effectively in the implementation of projects and ideas of joint life and activity.

by S. Vronsky

Pluto in 2nd House Synastry Explained

Manifestations of Pluto in 2nd House synastry are very important for you: it is from them that you can (1) catch the most vulnerable parts of your ethical and value systems, and (2) make efforts to clean them with necessary transformations.

Nevertheless, the activity of the synastry Pluto usually does not reach your conscious attention. You may notice only that the situation around darkens a little, as if twilight slightly thickened. You also don’t want to think that it has anything to do with you. But once your partner’s Pluto activates, he or she darkens, either in word or action, making it very uncomfortable for you. In fact, at these moments the partner makes it very clear what a bad person you are (both in general and in relation to him or her specifically) while focusing not so much on events as on your moral stand and beliefs.

It will be difficult for you to object, especially when the level of aggression is high, and it will become obvious that all the time you didn’t quite understand your partner, and that your value system and ethics did not suit him or her in many ways, and it would benefit you a lot if you admitted that he or she was objectively right in something. Yet, despite all this tension, any severe damage to your values ​​as a result of a Pluto in 2nd House synastry partnership is unlikely, and even when it does happen, it means that it probably already was overdue.

All in all, Pluto in 2nd House synastry is a double-edged aspect, and it is actually more dangerous for your partner: an ideological conflict with you activates their Pluto with all the natal chart aspects, and he or she should take a closer look at those moments of your relationship when they feel your resistance and reliance on life values.

from A. Podvodny

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