Saturn in 9th House Synastry

Saturn in 9th House Synastry

Saturn in 9th House synastry relationships are based on serious mutual interests associated with spiritual and intellectual self-improvement. Individuals positively influence each other in this regard, so this synastry is very promising in business, professional activity, education, religion, culture, travel, administrative and other activities where partners have a broad perspective for self-improvement and increasing personal intellectual potential including lucid dreaming.

With the negativity of Saturn in the Ninth House synastry, certain disagreements arise between partners due to a mismatch of viewpoints on some issues regarding their joint activities. The Ninth House personality may consider the “Saturnian” one negative, conservative, purely materialistic, inflexible, and overly concerned about personal reputation at the risk of being accused of impracticality. In this situation, the partners should seek consensus only on the basis of specific professional or business activities.

If the synastry is positive, the partners’ tandem can be considered successful as a positive constructive and creative activity in various areas of life arises.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Saturn in 9th House Synastry Explained

Saturn in 9th House synastry partner can be extremely serious about his or her mission to reveal esoteric and otherwise arcane information to you. But in order to succeed in that praiseworthy endeavor the partner needs your enthusiasm and desire to comprehend that information lest he begins to get bored with and disappointed in you. Generally, anything your Saturn in Ninth House synastry partner pursues with gusto will arise your curiosity like a source of extraordinary secrets that are most likely barred from you for ever: which will only whet your apetite to take a peak at them more.

Saturn in 9th House synastry is especially strong if the partner is much older than you – then you can perceive him or her as a holy hermit elder capable of revealing the most important and intimate truths of life. Of course, in our era of cynicism such an attitude has little chance of being expressed openly, so it will most likely be repressed and forced into subconsciousness in a distorted form: for example, that of mockery of the partner’s serious activities. But behind this attempted ridicule will lie completely different feelings and thoughts, and it is important for both of you to realize them.

The problems of working out this synastry are (1) your lack of seriousness and patience in mastering any esoteric or just highly specialized knowledge and skills, hints of which you catch from the partner, and (2) lack of patience and faith in both your abilities and the need to learn what is being taught with such difficulty, on your partner’s side. However, you may turn out a more capable student than your Saturn in Ninth House synastry parnter thinks, and even a more capable one than they were themselves, especially if, directing the strategy of your development, the partner overcomes the temptation to regulate its tactics.

For this synastry (as for the Ninth House in general), the topic of freedom is particularly poignant, and your attitude towards your Saturn in 9th House synastry partners will be ambivalent: on the one hand, their seriousness will limit your personal freedom, but on the other, you will feel that, having overcome some kind of internal barrier, you will gain a qualitatively new level of independence. This is a completely accurate view: metaphorically speakings, in a constructive scenario, your partner helps you get prepared for a long and breathtaking voyage whose precise itenerary will be clarified only after it starts.

from A. Podvodny

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