Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries can be a capable and endlessly resourceful leader who knows what they want and is not afraid to go out and get it done, often disregarding the personal cost. On the other hand, an individual with this Saturn position can be stubborn and tyrannical in their relationships, feeling lost and lacking an internal set of values. Saturn is fallen in the sign of Aries, creating a lot of inner discord and tension. Independence is vitally important; however, best results will be achieved with self-organization, patience, and perseverance.

The influence of Saturn in Aries on the fate

Saturn is in its most disharmonious state in Aries – a lone wolf in search of a path to happiness. The interaction between the Planet and the Sign results in a contradiction between consistency and patience (of Saturn); and impulsivity and aggression (of Aries). In its negative/undeveloped scenario, this can lead to a lack of moral compass and psychological inhibitions, an inability to form values, and a certain stubbornness and tyranny in relationships. However, in its positive/developed aspect, Saturn in Aries can facilitate a style of purposeful leadership that concentrates firepower through clear planning and strict adherence to the set goal.

The main challenge for Saturn in Aries is to try to nullify selfishness and haste. Their task is to cultivate responsibility and attentiveness. In case of any extra energy/aggression, it will be beneficial to release it via active sports (running, boxing).

Notably, persons with this Saturn position may purposefully place themselves in stressful situations; it helps to quell the inner conflict and establishes a clear set of rules to play by. Even so, they need to understand that this is only a temporary solution. Once the stressful situation has passed, it still remains vital for these natives to develop their own stable core of values and principles.

Independence and creativity are notable characteristics of these individuals, and combining these with resilience, steadfastness, and patience, will help them to finally “do their own thing” – and be fantastically good at it.

Saturn in Aries Women

A woman with Saturn in Aries relies only on herself and her own strength. She is distinguished by a strong, disciplined, and slightly closed-off, domineering character. Her main objective is achieving the lofty goals she sets for herself, and material wealth, to which she strives with all her might. However, she can be contradictory in her goals, and often has conflicts between a rational course of action and her own hidden desires and impulses. It is for this reason that she is not always happy when she achieves her goals.

She can easily make a career on her own in any field of activity and command others, including men. This woman is ready to sacrifice a lot for the sake of this career, her prosperity, and the realization of her abilities. At the same time, her energy may be misdirected. She can be carried away by misguided ideas and aspirations, and can often succumb to influence.

In family life, she is happy only if she takes the lead. Such a woman is most afraid of becoming dependent on other people and losing her power over them, being weak and defenseless. Still, in some cases, she provokes an aggressive attitude towards herself with her perceived arrogance and coldness.

Saturn in Aries can give a person a harshness of character and an assertiveness bordering on aggression. These qualities can be present in some women and can be expressed in their initiative to meet possible partners. Without being needlessly shy, these women can fearlessly offer their company and plainly state their intentions; however, others might not always enjoy this forwardness.

Astrologers’ advice: A woman with Saturn in Aries should develop openness with her own self – sincerity and the ability to listen and hear her true desires, aspirations, and impulses. Only then will she learn to not be carried away by what seems attractive only at first glance; and will set firm goals, which she will truly enjoy achieving.

Saturn in Aries Men

A man with Saturn in Aries considers work, achievement of set goals, firmness, and perseverance to be the foundation of his life. He disciplines and controls others; makes rules for others and demands plenty, but does not always follow these rules himself. In this position, Saturn inhibits the development of such qualities as openness and extroversion. A man with Saturn in Aries is afraid to seem or to be weak, so he works to the point of exhaustion, stubbornly and persistently proving his authority and rightness to everyone.

He can get carried away by some ideas and goals, being almost fanatic about achieving them. However, there is often a contradiction between his inner wants and his outward goals. This does not always show as open aggressiveness or impulsivity. Rather, he may have internal conflicts and complexes, which can interfere with the achievement of said goals.

This man is strict in family life, demanding of children; in some cases, he is characterized by despotism and cruelty. He is the same in the area of romance – far from any poetic manifestations of his feelings or romantic gestures, he is very matter-of-fact, and so often comes off as rude or simply insensitive.

Astrologers’ advice: A man with Saturn in Aries should develop self-organization and openness – with himself and with others. He can achieve much once his goals are in tune with his inner desires. He would greatly benefit from developing intuition and the ability to sincerely communicate with others.


In astrology, the planet of Saturn embodies power and limits – the limits of the material world and of time, as well as the more socially placed limits of responsibilities and obligations. Finally, it also influences the internal limits we place on ourselves – our systems of values and the resulting commitments.

While Saturn brings order and meaning to the table, the Fire sign of Aries brings the complex nature of the Ram. People born with their Sun in Aries can be both naive and combative, but through it, all shine their strive for independence and innovation, and their unbounded energy.

Aries is a sign of the fall of Saturn. The law and order the planet embodies are in conflict with the natural impulsivity and impatience of Aries. With a positive aspect, this position can give one a strong reason, tendency to explore the unexplored, calm disciplined creativity, reasonable enthusiasm and ambition, extraordinary purposefulness, good organizational skills and leadership abilities, humility, self-restraint, and diplomacy. In the negative aspect, one can present with irrepressible ambition and selfishness, ungrounded suspicion, vindictiveness, quarrelsomeness, lack of moral compass, destructiveness, and cruelty.

Saturn in Aries people achieve their goals when they couple their creativity and assertiveness with patience, persistence, and self-awareness. It is a very delicate balance and a tale of constant self-improvement.