Sun in 2nd House Synastry

Sun in 2nd House Synastry

Sun in 2nd House synastry sends you partners for serious interactions, although they may turn out to be short-lived. This partner can change your economic situation, but this is not their main role: Sun in 2nd House synastry partners have access to your ethical values; thus, they can help you improve your well-being within your environment and even the environment itself. All this usually occurs besides your partner’s consciousness, as a side effect of their initiatives with respect to you.

It will be difficult for you to directly perceive your partner’s will: it seems to dissipate without a trace, but it influences your environment a lot, making it comfortable or uncomfortable. It is from these shifts that you (indirectly) judge your partner’s intentions. Your direct attention is attracted only by his or her initiatives concerning your ethics and values, and here you feel their definite power over you. You will, however, either reflect or ignore any direct pressure in these areas (although keep in mind that your partner has the gift of voluntarily or involuntarily stopping your attention on issues that are relevant to you in these areas).

A Sun in 2nd House synastry partner may not notice how seriously you are affected by interactions with them. At the same time, your financial, energetic and ethical problems will awaken their initiative (not necessarily selfless) which should be carefully weighted out. Otherwise, especially if you have problems in the Second House, these initiatives can cost you dearly, the damage ranging from monetary losses to a sharp deterioration in your living conditions and distortions of ethics.

from A. Podvodny

Sun in 2nd House Synastry Explained

Under Sun in 2nd House synastry, cooperation in finance and business is possible and likely. The solar energy and a creative potential improve the economic situation of the individual in the Second House by mobilizing its hidden capabilities.

A more energetic “Solar” personality exerts its influence on the personality of the Second House through the formation of aesthetic tastes of the latter or its new ideas about material values. The personality of the Second House, gradually transforming in the eyes of the “Solar” one , is a constant source undisclosed opportunities, nourishing the “Solar” personality.

In friendly, romantic and family relationships, disagreements and confrontations may arise due to the existing hidden motives associated with the material and mercantile side of their relationship. Are there any opportunities to eliminate these difficulties, horoscopic comparisons of these people will show.

by Geocult

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