Sun-Mars Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Sun-Mars Synastry: Square, Trine, Sextile, Opposite, Conjunct

Sun-Mars synastry is an exciting, strong aspect. Much depends on how these planets are aspected for each partner in their natal charts. Peace in such a couple is an unnatural state.

In opposite-sex couples, the Sun-Mars synastry provides strong passions, jealousy, partiality, and subjectivity in the relationship. A strong sexual attraction is also likely. It is very hard to be indifferent to a person with whom there is such a synastry regardless of whose Mars and the Sun are involved.

The Sun square Mars synastry

The Sun square Mars synastry is one of the most difficult comparative aspects, judging by the nature of the relationship between people. Conflicts and contradictions, striking in their cruelty, can arise out of the blue. The degree of severity of their manifestation depends on the respective natures of the individuals. Physical collisions are by no means out of the question. In general, the “Martian” is very aggressive against the manifestations of the personal ambitions of the “Solar” and openly expresses its protest while the “Solar”, in turn, tries to authoritatively suppress this protest with disagreement.

It is clear that in this situation it hardly makes sense to talk about any constructive or positive aspects. The parties literally flare up from each other’s words, sometimes driving themselves to a frenzy. And it is impossible to imagine that either side would concede.

In Mars square the Sun synastry, the energy principle conflicts with that of aggression. The ambitions of the two people are in conflict. Their reactions to each other will be emotional and often explosive. Hostility is the usual course. They immediately join the fight as soon as they begin to speak. They force each other to become defensive, and this leads to arguments and quarrels.

The Sun square Mars synastry is a difficult aspect if found in a marriage since marriage will only last if the partners show tremendous patience and tolerance which few people possess. One of the partners will have to give in in most situations, which will often cause him or her to feel resentment, disappointment, and dissatisfaction. It can also affect the health of someone who remains in a subordinate position for too long.

Venus square Pluto synastry

Man’s Sun square woman’s Mars

This version of the Sun square Mars synastry is highly controversial, which makes the relationship almost impossible. The man feels that his masculine power is being projected onto him instead of coming from him, while the woman may be desperately seeking her femininity. There may be strong sexual energy in a relationship, but due to its dual positive polarity, neither partner fully understands how to balance this energy.

Woman’s Sun square man’s Mars

This version of the Sun square Mars synastry indicates the impulsiveness of the relationship. The energetic qualities of the man ignite a response vibration in the woman. She must use her position of authority and power (i.e., her masculine side) to counter the man’s frenzied attack. Even if romantic overtones are present in the relationship, they are usually secondary to the power battles through which each individual tests his assertiveness.

The Sun trine Mars synastry

In the Sun trine Mars synastry, people actively support each other in matters of self-improvement, having high ambitions and energy potential aimed at constantly improving their life status. It is a good aspect for building business and professional relationships, especially in engineering and finance. The partners in this relationship rather soon become friends and comrades, finding pleasure in joint travel, playing sports, and in relaxed communication at their leisure. In the field of romantic relationships, the Sun trine Mars synastry may introduce an element of strong physical attraction.

The energetic principle is harmoniously combined with the principle of aggression. Each person stimulates in the other’s self-confidence, energy, enthusiasm, initiative, courage, and entrepreneurship. In close alliances, there will usually be an agreement in working towards a common goal.

Man’s Sun trine woman’s Mars

Activity, achievement, and a general sense of movement are the essence of this variation of the Sun trine Mars synastry. Relationships are masculine, as the woman tends to subconsciously identify with her animus figure. At the same time, the man sees her cooperative spirit as a valuable contribution to his ego expression. Pride, achievement and the ability to master difficult situations lend a note of happiness to this partnership.

Woman’s Sun trine man’s Mars

This type of the Sun trine Mars synastry is an excellent aspect of marriage. The man’s energetic assertiveness expresses the woman’s desires in a consistent manner. She inspires and encourages him and gives hope and faith to his intentions. These relationships are characterized by a good level of sexual attraction. The pursuit of common goals is easy.

The Sun conjunct Mars synastry

The Sun conjunct Mars synastry is dynamic, capable of forming various options for subsequent relationships. Ego conflicts are likely, but if the individuals coexist according to the principles of harmony, they will be able to enjoy the independent and free expression of will.

The positiveness of this synastry will periodically “ignite” the partners with energy and enthusiasm for the constructive implementation of what was conceived, without the fear to put forward the most unimaginable ideas and projects. Going to distant mountains and to the nearby gym is natural for them. Negative aspects of this synastry can slightly spoil the idyll, giving these relationships a flawed look. For an intimate life, such a relationship presupposes sexual attraction but does not guarantee higher feelings.

In the Sun conjunct Mars synastry, the creative principle is combined with the principle of aggression. This can be expressed in mutual encouragement, although it can also manifest itself in rivalry and competition. Both will progress rapidly if individuals work closely. Between people of the opposite sex and, especially, in marriage, it is best if the wife’s Mars conjuncts with the husband’s Sun. In the opposite relationship, the man will strive to be dominant, demanding, and intolerant towards his wife, although he will protect her. He will stimulate her independence and the manifestation of the energy principle, which will sometimes make her compete and resist. Mars conjuncts the Sun synastry is the aspect of sexual attraction and compatibility.

Venus conjunct Pluto synastry

Man’s Sun conjunct woman’s Mars

This version of the Sun conjunct Mars synastry indicates an active and progressive relationship. The woman can draw strength from the man and take the necessary actions in life thanks to the influence of her partner. Competition can arise between them, but this energy can be transformed through a common interest in sports and vigorous activity. Enhanced sexuality, as the woman is attracted to physical and emotional competition with her partner.

Woman’s Sun conjunct Man’s Mars

In this variation of the Sun conjunct Mars synastry the man tries to impress his partner because he perceives her sense of strength and pride as an obstacle that must be overcome. Aggressive sexuality is possible. There is a strong urge to be active, to achieve, and to progress. The two flames burn as one.

The Sun opposite Mars synastry

The Sun opposite Mars synastry implies the emergence of such relationships where their incompatibility gradually develops into disputes and even physical collisions occurring as a result of collisions of energetic volitional potentials. The “Solar” cannot come to terms with the impulsiveness and aggressiveness of the “Martian” who, for its part, does not want to tolerate authoritarianism and attempts to take a leading position in all respects of the “Solar”.

The partners, however, can very effectively interact with each other in any mutually acceptable field of activity, combining their energetic creative potentials. But this is possible only with their sufficient psychological maturity, allowing them to achieve mutual respect and the free expression of will. Otherwise, Mars opposite the Sun synastry is a very conflicting aspect, unless it is balanced by a large number of harmonious aspects.

These two people stimulate each other, but usually too much. They confront each other, and cooperation becomes difficult. There will probably be irritation, a clash of temperaments, and a tendency to quarrel over their goals and aspirations. They will be intolerant of each other and even vengeful. In any unions with such opposition, many other harmonious aspects will be required to compensate for the negative influence of the Sun opposite Mars synastry.

Man’s Sun opposite woman’s Mars

This type of the Sun opposite Mars synastry is the aspect of constant strife. The woman is more persistent and energetic than the man expected, therefore there is a strong rivalry in the relationship between them. Each of them becomes more independent as a result of knowing the other. The partners tend to experience distance rather than closeness with each other.

Woman’s Sun opposite Man’s Mars

Rivalry, overflowing energy and ego battles are the hallmarks of this variation of the Sun opposite Mars synastry. The male ego strives for supremacy while the woman is often defeated. Sexuality lacks tenderness and may be a manifestation of subconscious desires aimed at overcoming a challenge rather than an expression of love. Relationships tend to display an inherent wildness that makes a marriage or long-term partnerships very difficult.

The Sun sextile Mars synastry

The Sun sextile Mars synastry implies a relationship when people combine their energetic potentials in order to improve everything that is the subject of their common vital interests. Therefore, this combination is preferable for business partnerships.

Each personality stimulates the energy and willpower of the other when making the most important decisions, which, of course, not only brings it closer to success in achieving the set goal but also significantly contributes to self-improvement and professional qualifications. The “Solar” contributes to the more purposeful use of the “Martian’s” will energy, receiving in response an additional energy impulse, which significantly brings it closer to the intended goal.

If other necessary factors in the partners’ natal charts are present, the Sun sextile Mars synastry contributes to the emergence of a romantic relationship. This combination also contributes to the formation of a good pair of partners in sports, as it implies a successful manifestation of the physical abilities of these people.

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