The World Tarot Card

The World Tarot Card Meaning

Through The World Tarot card, you get everything you need without fear or hesitation. With it, you can move into the past and the future. This Arkana is also a formula for programming the future based on the past.

You also are able to heal because physical treatment in this Arkan is one of the most powerful: it is in The World Tarot card that the miracles of healing occur.

  • The World” – a state of bliss caused by help from above
  • Arcana Number: XXI
  • Primary Element: Mercury
  • Value: The World Tarot card removes the basis of sickness, helps to heal, has a maximum impact on nature

The World Tarot Card – Meaning

The idea of ​​The World Tarot card is communication with intermediaries. The energy of the twenty-first Arcana depends on the ability to work with spirits.

All work with The World Tarot Card is based on the perception of some creature. If in the twenty-second Arkan we feel God, then in the twenty-first one we feel a mediator between us and God (there is an inclusion of consciousness that is slightly different from the general understanding of God). That is, we perceive one of the spirits. And very often between the main mediator (Jesus, if we take Christianity) and we have many other mediators who are spirits that help us.

The World Tarot Card is the beginning of theurgy. In the Kabbalah of the twenty-second Arcana, there is more miscalculation of the world, and in theurgy of the twenty-first Arcana, there is prayer, that is, work with the Angels. The work of the twenty-first Arcana is a calling of help from above.

In The World Tarot card, we break away from the physical plane and work with the spiritual. No wonder the name of this card is sometimes translated as “universe”, or “spirit”.

The Glyphs of the Arcana

A Virgin in the center of the card is in constant motion, but does not go anywhere, she is present “here and now,” practically in the air. This indicates that she is divorced from the physical plane. In order to feel comfortable in The World, you should abandon everything material. The main task here is to constantly think about God, about something supernatural, and not be fixed on the material.

To get the signature euphoric state of the twenty-first Arcana, you must constantly be in a spiritual quest. In this state, it is possible to change the past and the future: when a saint prays for others, it is easier for him to perform miracles. When you pray for yourself, you get grounded, which is why performing miracles for yourself is much more difficult.

The virgin’s scarf is an etheric plane, a time coordinate. To work properly in this Arcana, you need to rock your intuition and sense of time. The Virgin symbolizes intuition, and it is extended in time.

In the hands of the virgin, there are two wands of air. One wand helps make a difference. Two wands polarize the body: due to them, you can exit the body. That is why in Christianity a person often begins to hear angels, music, to move in space. Hence the nature of stigmata: people leave the body, attune in the past with Jesus and receive marks (damage to the etheric body).

A tape intercepting the virgin’s hair is an indication that the Sahasrara chakra is active.

The clouds surrounding the maiden symbolize the multivariance of the world.

Wreath is gifts of nature. Working with a wreath gives an almost unlimited supply of strength.

Ribbons interweaving a wreath are material gifts that allow a person to always be full and healthy, so when a person is in The World Tarot Card, he always has what he needs. The main difficulty of the twenty-first Arcana is that the degree of need for all people is different. But, entering a state of bliss, one can gradually remove the material, the mundane.

Sphinxes (various dimensions) indicate a coordinate system. In this case, we have a fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the etheric plane, time.

The bull and the lion are the two dimensions, the third dimension is the eagle. The fourth dimension perceived by man is time, which moves from the past to the future. When working with these parameters, a person begins to perceive not only “here and now,” but also the past and the future.

Working With the Individual Glyphs of The World Tarot Card

First, you need to tune into the glyphs in general.

The basis of working with The World Tarot Card is sensation. Here it is necessary to stop paying attention to the body, to material desires and focus only on the spiritual. That is why those working in The World Tarot Card visit various places of power (monasteries, churches). It gives energy and a state of bliss. The construction of a large number of churches is an attempt to fix all the found places of power: there is a constant search for harmonious places.

In The World Tarot Card, all diseases are associated with any events. Quarrels and grievances cause tension. Confession helps to remove this fixation; it allows you to cleanse yourself by forgiving everyone. Then a state of lightness, weightlessness, separation from negativity ensues.

The World Tarot Card gives you the skill to properly shape your future and work with it and with your desires.

When working with the card, we also first tune in to the maiden, catch the soaring state, in which you can additionally hear the music of the spheres. Next, we tune in to the scarf and begin to see the surrounding space, Angels, spirits. Then we tune in to the Sahasrara and feel that we are drawn somewhere up. When we tune in to desire, a feeling should come that it is, that it has already been fulfilled.

The World Tarot Card is in contact with rather strange worlds that exist outside of time (niches in hyperspace, parallel worlds), he is also connected with the worlds of death. Therefore, the worldview in this Arkan is quite specific. If you tune in to these worlds, you can really shift in them.

The Twenty-First Arcana and Healing

When you know for sure that there is a disease, but there are no spirits, you need to call on the saints. To practice the twenty-first Arcana, there are many modern healing prayers. There is even a list of saints who treat certain diseases, information about in which cases to whom to contact.

This is work through the twenty-first Arcana with spirits: you get in touch, see the saints around you, tune in to the one you need, or for everyone at once – whoever is needed will appear. Next, you just need to identify the disease, if you know it, or tune in to the body as a whole – if you do not know.

The third method of treatment – absolution – is a form of confession, when you are attuning to the body and see a disease, event or person with whom there was any interaction that caused the disease. Energy is also sent there, and you are trying to forgive this person. Ideal when you additionally speak out loud.

You can just light a candle and pronounce it on it. If the person with whom the disease is associated is not visible, it is better to choose the second method of treatment: tune in to the saint and indicate which disease needs to be cured. Most prayers are brought into the state of the child, due to this a strong healing effect occurs.

The World Tarot Card acts much stronger if you know exactly what you are healing. In this case, the diagnosis should not be completely named; you can simply name the corresponding organ. Then we enter the state of soaring, we tune in to the wands, we feel the way out of the body. Next, we tune in to the Sahasrara, the scarf helps to feel the spirits.

We tune in to the saints, to the Angels, to Jesus, we get in touch and give an immediate task to cure one or another organ. The World Tarot Card, when tuned to a specific organ, gives one of the fastest treatments, since it works directly with the physical plane. Upper Arcana to the physical plane is much more difficult.

With good inclusion in The World Tarot Card, it is enough to conduct treatment once a day. Here, tangible material changes are quickly developed, so the treatment acts strongly and its effect is easy to track.

The treatment of another person proceeds in the same way: the attending person enters a state of soaring, tunes in to a specific organ or reads to set up prayers. Further, the accumulated energy is spent on a sick person, due to which treatment occurs. If there are emotional blocks, then the patient needs to show the person whom he should forgive: give his description.

In addition, the energies of the twenty-first Arcanum allow you to shift the patient into contact with this person, he sees what caused the disease that caused the disease, and is easily included in the action.

It is better if direct contact is made with the patient. Also, it is quite easy to charge water with this energy: you can take blessed water and additionally pray for it, or just tune in to a disease and have a therapeutic effect on water in The World Tarot Card.

by Nikolai Zhuravlev

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