Uranus in 11th House Synastry

Uranus in 11th House Synastry

Uranus in 11th House synastry friendly relationships are formed between people in all spheres of their joint life activity. The partners are actively involved in business, science, constantly improve their cultural and educational level, are socially active, have many friends and associates. They are interested in humanitarian projects and social reforms, engaged in esoteric practices, and respect each other, in every possible way contributing to self-expression and independence for positive and constructive purposes.

In a negative scenario, Uranus in Eleventh House synastry partners move away from reasonable practicality and abet each other to engage in destructive activities, pursuing unrealistic plans and projects and taking irresponsible actions. Their friendship can end as unexpectedly as it began.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Uranus in 11th House Synastry Explained

Eleventh House is the domicile of Uranus, so this aspect manifests itself very energetically, especially if the partner’s Uranus is strong. This friendship will be a challenge for you, and signs of fate will go through your partner in a continuous series, barely leaving time for you to decipher them. To some extent, this function will be taken over by the partner who will have many original ideas on a wide variety of topics. These ideas may strike you as overly eccentric and sometimes dangerous, but never boring. Your friendship can spark quickly, like an inspiration, but over time you can get tired of the unpredictability of your Uranus in Eleventh House partner’s behavior and her whims which weigh heavily on you while she does not seem to notice.

At a high level, the two of you can work as a very friendly and creative couple, but before that, the Uranus in 11th House synastry partner must learn to perceive your view of him and your group roles as well. You, on the other hand, should understand that the partner’s ideas are often raw material from which something useful can emerge only if you try to cultivate them as opposed to assigning this responsibility to the partner.

If the partner’s Uranus is afflicted, unexpected complications are possible and likely. For example, the partner’s sudden emotional outbursts (negative as well as positive) in front of your friends can complicate your relationship with them or interfere with your group work. The good news is that, by working on developing Uranus, these effects not only decrease but are compensated by rushes of creative inspiration on your part.

from A. Podvodny

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