Uranus in 2nd House Synastry

Uranus in 2nd House Synastry

Uranus in 2nd House synastry forms relationships between partners on a basis of mutual desire to use unique, unusual ways and methods of doing business in the process of joint life activity both at work and in everyday life.

The “Uranian” force inspires the person of the Second House to put into practice all the new products and promising ideas where decisiveness and speed of action are prevailing. The personality of the Second House, in turn, helps the Uranian one become more practical and effective in matters of self-expression.

In a positive scenario, partners can achieve tangible and noticeable success in all respects. However, it cannot be said unequivocally that Uranus in 2nd House synastry is characterized by success of partners. Their tendency to constantly experiment and personally verify everything often leads to material losses. This is especially true if the Uranus is afflicted.

by Geocult

Uranus in 2nd House Synastry Explained

Under Uranus in 2nd House synastry, you will most often not notice the eccentricity of your partner, at least not with your consciousness. But if they get carried away and cross your life attitudes, you will take it so seriously that he or she can even be offended saying something along the lines of: “But before you did not pay attention to exactly the same tricks of mine, and I got used to it, so what’s the matter now?”

While this is true, your reaction can be very strong in spite of your will: Uranus in 2nd House synastry finds a way to accumulate in the subconscious mind the resentment or aggression against your partner. Why? Because they constantly increase the discomfort of your environment, and under the influence of passion you can snap and blame them for unethical behavior toward you or the world as a whole.

It is unlikely that you will be right in your claims. But the partner’s taunting with respect to your moral character can sometimes be very accurate and affect the very essence of your ethical problems and values, and you should learn not to ignore them and not to strengthen the defense (the latter is completely useless) but try find a response to your partner’s comments, even if they are not quite fair, within yourself.

Serious business cooperation with Uranus in Second House synastry partners promises you a lot of tensions, surprises and tricks. But if you two find ways of coordination and mutual support, your partner will show considerable ingenuity, making even the risky joint ventures promising. A lot depends on their level of activity and the position of Uranus in their natal chart, as well as the development of your Second House. But in general, this aspect is significantly more dangerous for your partner than for you, unless their Uranus is completely harmonious.

from A. Podvodny

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