Uranus in 8th House Synastry

Uranus in 8th House Synastry

Uranus in 8th House synastry relationships are based on a strong mutual passion for scientific research, occultism, as well as on financial and business activity, marketing research, etc. The partners’ life activities are often marked by extraordinary and even incredible events.

The “Uranian” personality empowers the personality of the Eighth House to a deeper perception of the spiritual side of being, including research and study of reincarnation, yoga practices, meditation, etc. The meeting and the subsequent joint activities of Uranus in Eighth House synastry partners are usually marked by a sharp turn in their destinies as everything old suddenly changes to something new.

If Uranus is negatively aspected, strong disagreements, disputes, contentions begin to arise between the partners; in some cases, even assault can happen.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

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Uranus in 8th House Synastry Explained

Uranus in 8th House synastry raises the question of harmony. If the Eighth House is not entirely harmonious, you will be painfully sensitive to even the most innocent eccentricities and whims of your partner, misunderstanding them and getting overwhelmed as a result. The reason (most likely, an unconscious one) of such reactions is that your partner accentuates your fear of an unpredictable future and formidable hardships that you may face despite being completely unprepared. Naturally, unwilling to face your shortcomings, you will explain your reactions differently: for example, you will accuse your Uranus in Eighth House synastry partner of extreme disrespect, neglect of your interests, etc.

This kind of partner, especially with a harmonious Uranus, is unlikely to take such accusations seriously; but critical situations in which you’ll find yourself will make them creative and willing to help you with their original ideas. However, realizing those ideas will not be easy, especially given that you will most likely be very wary of them (and rightfully so).

Uranus in 8th House synastry is potentially a very strong and promising aspect, and if you and your partner collaborate on improving the planet, great things can be accomplished. But regardless, acute situations in your life will contain certain guiding signs for your partner whose Uranus promises you revelations about the intimate depths of your ego. This lovely bonus is predicated upon learning to be attentive to each other and the subtle world around.

from A. Podvodny

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