Venus in 10th House Synastry

Venus in 10th House Synastry

Venus in 10th House synastry relationships are formed in the field of business and professional life. Most often, this includes banking, art and value-related activities. In romantic and marital relationships, the purely material interest of the partners often comes to the fore.

The charm and diplomacy of the “Venusian” personality contribute to the advancement of the career of a person of the Tenth House person who, in turn, helps the “Venusian” personality to achieve greater social recognition and authority, and more effective self-expression of its nature. Both partners willingly get involved in social life both in business and politics.

If Venus is afflicted, the partners can embark on an excessive waste of material resources to improve their social image.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Venus in 10th House Synastry Explained

If a man marries a beautiful young lady whose Venus falls into his Tenth House, she will expect him to look at her as a page at a queen. However, at a low level of spiritual development, Venus in 10th House synastry resembles a marriage of convenience (on your part), since you will be tempted to use the beauty and social status of your partner for selfish purposes.

In this synastry, a lot depends on the relative strength of Venus and the Tenth House, as well as the general energy and social balance in your relationship. For example, the superiority of a partner with strong Venus creates a situation in which he or she seems to be standing on an unattainable peak, and you can suffer from the wounded pride. If a Venus in Tenth House synastry partner is younger than you and stands lower on the social ladder, you can spearhead his social advancement. If he is inclined to listen to your advice, and you are not too selfish, then the partner can benefit greatly, at least as you define it.

With a weak Tenth House and a strong Venus, the partner can inspire you for a short time, and you will act according to your conscience or even write a poem dedicated to him – but this impulse is unlikely to be sustainable. In general, your Venus in 10th House synastry partners may find your reaction to their charms and smiles a little chilly, but if he tries to force his charm, you would rather take decisive action than melt and relax.

from A. Podvodny

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