Venus in 3rd House Synastry

Venus in 3rd House Synastry

Venus in 3rd House synastry makes people find common interests in poetry, literature, and other forms of art. In this aspect, Venus draws a beneficial effect on the formation of harmonious relationships. Partners are polite, considerate and diplomatic with each other, which helps them overcome all sorts of difficulties and misunderstandings that arising throughout the course of their relationship.

The personality of the Third House strongly contributes to raising the intellectual level of the “Venusian” one; this, in turn, contributes to the social recognition of the person of the Third House as an individual, forming the necessary opinions within society and creating the necessary connections.

The life of Venus in 3rd House synastry partners has many memorable moments as they like to travel together and tend to have many common friends, while their relatives are actively involved in their joint projects, both business and everyday ones. Such partners enjoy reading fine books, attending art exhibitions, and communicating with intelligent people. The danger of this synastry lies in idleness, empty chatter, gossip and other parasitic pastimes that lead to intellectual degradation.

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Venus in 3rd House Synastry Explained

The presence of a Venus in 3rd House synastry partner will soften the edges of any uncomfortable social situation for you, both externally and internally. Their smile (at least from afar) will strike you as softly bewitching; their clothes will be refined, manners impeccable, and overall impression irresistible.

If Venus in 3rd House marks the synastry of a married couple, it truly decorates their family life, especially at social gatherings. If the wife’s Venus is in her husband’s Third House, she will seem especially elegant and attractive to him when guests come to their house, and he will willingly spend a lot money on her clothes so that she can show them at a fashionable resort. Even her admirers may not make him too jealous (especially if their courtship and compliments are sophisticated) because he will think there would be no such interest in her without him.

On the other hand, Venus in 3rd House synastry is a dangerous aspect because it promises much more than it really gives (unless both partners are prepared to put in a lot of work). For example, the Venus of a young man in the Third House of his girlfriend will likely make them very attractive to each other, especially if the Venus is harmonious. But the initial bliss can radically change and even completely disappear as soon as a deeper relationship begins to take place, turning on the other Houses and Planets.

from A. Podvodny

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