Venus in 9th House Synastry

Venus in 9th House Synastry

Venus in 9th House synastry relationships are based on mutual enthusiasm for philosophy, religion, education. These partners meet most often at school, university, in a club, gallery, theater, or church or while traveling, in a business setting, or on a business trip.

Both personalities have an inquisitive mind and strive to raise their intellectual level in every possible way. The “Venusian” personality helps the person of the Ninth House in life management and in defining the ultimate goals in all constructive endeavors. The latter, in turn, helps to expand the horizons of the “Venusian” personality in all spheres of their joint life, skillfully provided the scientific basis.

In romantic and marital relationships, Venus in Ninth House synastry partners try to find a common ground for the formation of harmony based on their spiritual and philosophical compatibility. They are also a great match for lucid dreaming pursuits.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Venus in 9th House Synastry Explained

Venus in 9th House synastry can manifest itself as an extraordinary love that flared up suddenly and definitely. You and your partner will experience amazing feelings, rising in your meditations above the highest mountains and, possibly, even the moon hanging above them. But on the descent, all this can imperceptibly melt, leaving unforgettable and unreal memories.

The difficulty of Venus in Ninth House synastry lies in the fact that you tend to see your partner as a beloved and beautiful being when he or she is at a sufficient distance from you and is clearly involved in something that is practically unattainable (this is the tarot archetype of The Hierophant or the High Priestess initiating you into the esoteric mysteries of a cult). However, as soon as the partner stops conforming to this image (because it is a hard one), his or her charm for you quickly dissipates.

In a harmonious version of Venus in 9th House synastry, you will look at your partner as a slave at a gorgeous queen of Egypt, but if she does not maintain such an image, or, even worse, will forcefully break out of it, she can cause an unpleasant feeling of desecration in a temple of beauty and love. And, if you are not poetically inclined to think in such magnificent terms, your protest will probably be suppressed by the subconscious and manifest itself in irritation, aggression or jealousy that (1) are poorly understood by the partner, and (2) inexplicably intensify during travelling and in a company of foreigners, no matter how nice and friendly.

from A. Podvodny

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