Venus in Aquarius: Love and Friendship

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius directs you to an aesthetic perception of the world as a whole (much like the Moon). It also increases the level of direct perception of reality. At the same time, Aquarius represents the aesthetic categories of Venus within its signature framework of mental progressiveness.

In the higher octave of Venus in Aquarius, you become capable of navigating and evaluating the informational flows around with the help of (intuitive) aesthetic criteria, which increases the level of your activity.

In a harmonious version, the aesthetics of the Venusian Aquarius develops in harmony with the aesthetics and needs of its time. In this case, the ideas of such people attract others not only intellectually, but also aesthetically and emotionally. But if the Venus is struck, the tastes of Aquarius turn out to be very strange, and its ideas will often seem ugly. Curiously, by working on these ideas, one can make them into something much deeper and more fundamental than what harmonious Venus will give for free.

Venus does not make Aquarius warm, but she reveals the cold beauty of formal sign systems, making it easier for Aquarius to interact with higher informational and energetic sources as their dialogues tend to be built predominantly around the “harmoniously-inharmonious” dichotomy. And even if Aquarius is not immediately ready for the dialogue, the help of Venus increases the chance of future cooperation.

Venus also directs Aquarius to social problems as the latter begins to look for promising forms of development of contemporary society, which is rather difficult, since the nature of social relations in the future is largely determined by the spiritual level of people, which is difficult to imagine for Aquarius, although absolutely necessary.

If Venus is struck, the social structure Aquarius lives in is so alien that it may have constant conflicts with the environment. This can potentially mean a deep understanding of contemporary social issues, but the potential will have to be realized through hard work.

Venus in Aquarius: Love and Social Life

Venus in Aquarius tends to confuse love and friendship: the former is so cool and the latter so warm that it’s hard to feel the difference which, surprising as it may seem, is very sincere. Yet peculiarities in love are forgiven much more easily than those in other areas of life, and as you know peculiarities is something Aquarius has plenty of on all fronts.

Deep down Venus in Aquarius doesn’t understand why the rules of social behavior even exist because it’s much easier to interact with people freely and honestly, without grounding yourself in fixed relationships with are inherently meant to be fluid and adapted to concrete people in concrete situations.

Developed Venus in Aquarius gives original and brilliant creative and scientific talents, especially in abstract music and mathematics. Its paintings will not be easily understandable, seeming to carry traits of both the forgotten past and the future that’s hard to imagine; yet the harmony between the details will be apparent. Its poetry is full of deep meaning and remarkably melodic.

If the aspect is afflicted, it results in a challenging social life with most people not accepting the originality of Venus in Aquarius’ thought. In extreme cases, mental illnesses and sexual perversions are possible, which are but products of failed social adaptation.

All in all, Venus in Aquarius is characterized by social fluidity; in a harmonious scenario, it looks like tender relationships with a large number of friends of both sexes.

from A. Podvodny