Venus in Sagittarius: Love and Friendship

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius is hosted by Jupiter in a Fire Sign. Here, Sagittarius creates an interesting dichotomy: on the one hand, the person can embrace the authority of tradition, and on the other hand, teach it, being the master and the pupil.

This leads to a further dichotomy in emotional attitudes. This is why Venus in Sagittarius is characterized by both idealism in love and great rationality in choosing the partner as the preference is given to those who can teach you something, or provide social protection. Sometimes attraction is felt toward people whom the person deeply respects, such as teachers, professors, bosses, and priests. However, once the person’s authority diminishes, Venus in Sagittarius becomes disappointed and likely to cheat.

In general, Venus in Sagittarius takes an active position in love and the search for partners. It is also very independent and stays away from idle coquettishness and possessiveness. Also, Jupiter’s proclivity to horizontal expansion may result in a large number of romantic and sexual partners (including simultaneously).

If the aspect is afflicted, the person will be snobbish and dogmatic in his or her ethics and aesthetics, and yet their sanguinity ensures that people are not put off by these attitudes. Of all the planets, Venus may well be the only one that helps Sagittarius sensibility in perceiving the world, which embellishes the sign and its manifestations greatly.

Venus in Sagittarius: Love and Social Life

Venus in Sagittarius wins its place in social life with its warmth and optimism. Venus here is not so rude as in Aires, and neither it is overbearing as in Leo, yet it is just as active and full of energy. It is careless and confiding in love, but when angry Venus in Sagittarius will express its emotions directly.

If the aspect is afflicted, the life of a person is marked by some sickly refusal to understand and follow the norms of social behavior, as well as by fleeting and hopeless romantic involvements, all leading to an unhappy ending. The person creates vehement and passionate fantasies about his or her lovers, but those collapse under the first encounter with harsh reality.

If harmonious, Venus in Sagittarius guarantees universal love and recognition, thus creating a temptation to glide through life effortlessly, enjoying lavish displays of affection from numerous fans and lovers. If such a person takes time and effort to work on this gift, her Venus will access a superb source of energy that can be channeled into creativity. Its results will always be impressive and talented, although rarely predictable.


In Art, Venus in Sagittarius is expressive, liberal, cerebral, and rich. It cares not so much for the details but for the pith; it’s a big fan of religious and philosophical motifs in art, as well as attempts to express the world’s unity through its overarching idea. Affliction leads to all these attempts looking pitiful, but hard work can still yield an artist with a highly original vision of the world and its complex aesthetics.

from A. Podvodny

The Indian Wisdom of Indubala

Sagittarius is a neutral sign for Venus, and this aspect gives you both financial success and an interest in philosophy.

Venus in Sagittarius people are usually tall and well-respected; they live in comfort and have a good education.

Classic texts suggest that the life of such a person is an eternal struggle between self-interest and self-denial.

Venus in Sagittarius: Woman and Man

Venus in Sagittarius people are idealists by nature: honest, generous, and compassionate; but they demand the same in return, and sometimes twice as much, especially at a low level of evolutionary development when Jupiter’s egocentrism makes one think that the whole world is at his or her service.


A woman with Venus in Sagittarius is an incorrigible optimist. She wants a holiday every day and idealizes men, expecting that her husband will arrange romantic dinners, surprises, and drown her in gifts. Disappointed, she marries several times, preferring to formalize the union legally, and secretly also because of a beautiful wedding ceremony.

A young woman with Venus in Sagittarius has long hair, loves sports and tattoos in foreign languages. The best way to win her heart is to arrange a romantic surprise while traveling in the mountains or taking a trip to an exotic country. Such a woman aims at a career and self-education and will not become a homebody. Her best partner is a liberal-minded Mars in Aquarius or Sagittarius or the home-oriented Mars in Taurus.


In a man’s natal chart, Venus in Sagittarius is an indicator of a womanizer, but unlike Aries with an excess of sexual energy, there is a deeply philosophical approach to the search for one and only love here. If this person meets a partner who shares his ideals, is cheerful and easy-going, athletic and ambitious, a man with Venus in Sagittarius will come up with a new life concept, where loyalty to the bonds of marriage will be the key motive.

Men with Venus in Sagittarius are best complemented with women whose Venus is in Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo. A Venus in Sagittarius man will not delve into everyday issues, so his wife needs to get ready to solve them herself or not marry at all. Curiously, even if the woman marrying a Venus in Sagittarius man is not connected with foreign countries, she is likely to receive interesting job offers from abroad or moves to another country with her husband.