The Astrology of Sexual Liberation

The Astrology of Sexual Liberation

The ability to embrace our sexuality without fear of judgment is an intrinsic human right.

People with Pluto or Mars in 8th House, or other sexually charged astrological positions, often wonder: what can they do to realize their natural inclinations in a world that is so disapproving of sex?

Historically, our societal framework has been marred by a deep-seated stigma attached to sexual desires. This is a result of longstanding societal pressures and prejudices that have perpetuated feelings of shame and judgment. These views have their roots entrenched in ages of cultural conditioning, often connected to power dynamics and control. By dampening and constraining the boundless energy of sexuality, society has effectively traded the rich tapestry of our emotional and sensual experiences for a muted, controlled version. This, in turn, prevents many from challenging prevailing norms and perspectives.

The Celestial Embodiment of Male Desirability

Those with a pronounced libido, signifying not just physical desire but transformative potential, often feel this repression most acutely. The lack of understanding and acceptance for their genuine feelings leads to a downward spiral: increasing unhappiness, decreased productivity, and, in many cases, reliance on medications. While this undoubtedly benefits pharmaceutical sectors, the larger impact is a vulnerable populace that’s ready to gullibly fall for any advertisement or political agenda promoted in the news or on social media.

Yet, the essence of this article isn’t to lament these challenges. No, what we’re trying to do is to rekindle a forgotten truth: that the ability to embrace our sexuality without fear of judgment is an intrinsic human right. And the power that’ll remind us of this is astrology.

Utilizing Astrology for Empowerment

The total number of living humans who share the same sexual desires is estimated to be at least between 1 and 10 million.

You could be asking: why should we even rely on astrology when it comes to such controversial matters? After all, many people discredit it as a pseudoscience, not to mention that it feels more reasonable to seek a solutions to sexual oppression in realms like psychology and sociology. Paradoxically, a crucial advantage of natal chart astrology over traditional social sciences is… its mathematical precision.

Regardless of what you believe in, running a simple online tool will quickly calculate the exact arrangement of the planets at the time of your birth, reducing a vast range of potential astrological interpretations to a small handful. And, with sex being an integral part of life (one without which life is impossible), some of the combinations between Planets, Signs and Houses will necessarily correspond with advanced sexual activity. Thus, (1) craving the pleasure of raw sex against the kitchen countertop, her mouth stifling her moans against a hastily seized dishcloth; (2) relishing the thought of being taken hard and fast in the bathroom during a high-stakes business meeting; and (3) wanting to be used over and over again in a forgotten, shadowy corner of an underground club, her body on full display for the spectators’ greedy eyes –these are not shameful deviations of an aberrant mind but commonplace desires of healthy women with (1) Venus in IV House trine Pluto in VIII House, (2) Mars in IV House trine Pluto in VIII House, and (3) Venus in XII House trine Pluto in VIII House, respectively.

Venus Trine Pluto: Life, Love, Sex

I was gonna be that one in a million…

The word “commonplace” is not a misnomer, either. One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of sexual oppression is promoting the false belief that a person who entertains a taboo sexual fantasy is “one in a million“. This imposes the feeling of loneliness, forcing the person to doubt him- or herself; however, “one of millions” is usually a better approximation.

The average age of a human being is ~28 years. There are ~7.8 billion people on Earth, and 365 days in a year. This means that, for each of the women whose fantasies were described, there are 7,800,000,000/365/28/2 = ~380,000 women who share the exact same arrangements of planets in their natal charts (which makes it extremely likely that they share the same sexual fantasies).

But the positive math doesn’t stop there because each of the 3 aspects above can happen multiple times each year (Venus and Mars move relatively quickly, forming the same patterns again and again). So, even if our goal is to find people with the same planet combinations falling into the same Houses (this is much harder), the total number of living humans who share the same sexual desires despite different ages will have to be between 1 and 10 million!

Don’t complain, don’t justify either

The people are conditioned and trained to justify their every wish, asking permission and apologizing even for their most insignificant desires. However, not only harmless sexual fantasies based upon mutual consent do not require justification: oftentimes, they should be exemplified and venerated. This has to do with the transformative power of sex: an act capable of creating life from inanimate matter is equally helpful in creating a path from the animate to the supernatural (aka “finding God”); but of course, the pragmatic machine of society would be greatly disadvantaged if we learned to achieve spirituality on our own instead of donating time and money (attention and energy) to the Church.

Let’s consider another powerful aspect: Mars in VIII House trine Pluto in XII House, which suggests, among other strengths, a desire for boundary-pushing and taboo sexual acts involving multiple partners. Even as such, this combination already allows to turn high-emotion sex into an experience spurring evolutionary growth; and with the additional “heavy artillery” (for example, a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto), the physical sensation of this act is likely to be akin to a true spiritual revelation for a woman with this aspect. In other words, inadmissible as it may be to a hypocritical narrative which stigmatizes such sex as degenerate, realizing this sexual desire with consenting partners can bring one a lot closer to God than an average religious zealot (who begins and ends each day with a prayer) can hope to get in her lifetime.


In a world draped in puritanical shadows where the natural inclinations of individuals are frequently met with undeserved disdain, it’s essential to remember that our healthy desires are core elements of our very essence. Astrology, in its unique and profound way, shines a light on this aspect of humanity, underscoring that what one might consider a deviation or an outlier is actually shared by millions. The stars and planets remind us that these inclinations have always been with us and will continue to be as their influence is both timeless and boundless.

Every healthy individual deserves the right to express and live their truth without judgment, to feel connected with others who share similar feelings, and most importantly, to understand that there is nothing inherently wrong with them. The cosmos, in its infinite wisdom, does not judge. Instead, it offers guidance, clarity, and a sense of purpose.

To fully embrace one’s sexuality is not just about personal liberation; it’s about tapping into the vast reservoir of power and potential that lies within each of us. By understanding and celebrating our unique cosmic footprint, we can move closer to a world where every individual, irrespective of their sexual inclinations, is celebrated for who they are, connecting not just with each other, but with the universe at large.