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A common question astrology teachers hear from their students is “I don’t understand anything about my natal chart, how do I interpret it?” The answer is simple, and the news is usually good; and yet oftentimes the same person asks a different teacher the same question years later. aims to address this question in the most simple and easy-to-use way. We start with explanations of the 4 key elements of astrology (Aspects, Houses, Planets, Signs), uncovering the repertoire of a basic astrological analysis from the elementary to the high-school levels. For those who want to take it further, there is a growing library of Undergraduate astrology articles. The Graduate level is taught only in-person and only by the founder of; for more information visit the pricing details page.

Natal Chart Analysis: the Basics

Despite most people believing the opposite, natal chart astrology is fundamentally scientific. A natal chart is, essentially, a 2-dimensional photograph of the 3-dimensional arrangement of Planets’ and Signs’ from your birthplace’s perspective at the moment of your birth – which is why it helps to know the exact time. This is especially important for women because (1) the Moon’s influence on women is greater than on men, and (2) the Moon moves so fast that even a 12-hour difference can introduce or eliminate one or several powerful aspects that tend to have noticeable influence over the native’s life and fate (not to mention that the Houses change every 2 hours, too, so without knowing the exact time of birth the House-level analysis of one’s natal chart becomes largely speculative).

Native is the subject of a natal chart analysis: the person whose chart it is. However, this type of astrological analysis does not stop at humans. The days that have been officially selected as births of entities, such as companies or even countries, can also be used for the same purpose, which, at least with countries, raises the curious questions of cyclicality dependent on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – the slowest-moving Planets whose influence is difficult to observe or interpret properly due to an insufficient span of the average human life.

Sample Natal Chart Fragment Analysis

Whether they know it or not, everybody has a favorite natal chart placement or aspect: a set of distinct qualities that they appreciate in others, or themselves. Be it Sun trine Jupiter, Mars in Pisces, or Moon in 1st House, there is a little something for everybody, bold and shy. Here is a real-life example of Venus in Pisces in 12th House trine Pluto in Scorpio in 8th House of a woman’s natal chart.

Venus in Pisces is the ultimate dreamer of the zodiac, a sensual siren submerged in the depths of her fantasies. In the 12th House, the house of secrets, isolation, and the unconscious, her desires are submerged, often hidden even from herself.

  • She might harbor secret fantasies, sometimes taboo or forbidden, that she’s afraid to admit even to herself.
  • She can play the martyr in relationships, sacrificing herself or playing the victim, believing that suffering is a form of pure love.
  • She can be attracted to the Unattainable: whether it’s a celebrity crush or pining for someone she can’t have, there’s a tendency to romanticize and yearn for what’s out of reach.
  • She might seek relationships where there’s a spiritual or karmic connection, feeling that the relationship was “fated” or “meant to be”.

Pluto is at home in Scorpio, diving deep into the realm of sex, death, and transformation. Pluto’s position in the 8th House, the natural abode of Scorpio, supercharges these themes.

  • Intense Sexual Desires. She craves depth and intensity in her sexual encounters, exploring taboo or hidden fetishes. BDSM, role-playing, or other power dynamics might intrigue her.
  • Obsessive Love. She can get possessive or even obsessed with her partners, craving them body and soul. There’s a desire to merge completely, to become one.
  • Mystical Abilities. Might possess a natural ability for the occult, psychic phenomena, or other hidden knowledge.

The trine between Venus and Pluto creates a harmonious flow of energy between these two planets, amplifying their combined effect. As result:

  • This woman might feel an intense, almost psychic bond with her partners, knowing what they want before they say it.
  • She knows how to use her irresistible sensuality to get what she wants.
  • Every relationship will change her in some profound way.
  • She might be drawn to uncovering secrets, whether it’s through research, detective work, or simply being the confidant to many.

On the outside, a Venus in Pisces in 12th House trine Pluto in Scorpio in 8th House woman might seem like a dreamer, lost in her fantasies. But beneath the surface, there’s a raw, powerful intensity waiting to be unleashed. Whether she’s delving deep into hidden fetishes, experiencing obsessive love, or evolving through her relationships, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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