Mercury in 1st House Synastry

Mercury in 1st House Synastry gives you a partner with whom it is interesting to talk, but sometimes their verbiage seems too personal to you, and you want to say: “Hey, take it easy!

If a wife’s Mercury stands, say, in the ninth house of her husband’s natal chart, the following kind of misunderstanding can regularly arise. Her presence and any personal manifestations activate his mind, and he begins to reason in the style of the ninth house: that is, by abstracting, going on long journeys and quoting ancient authors, and perceiving her as a scholarly audience. At the same time, all his reasoning seems to his wife to be aimed at her personally, and often perceived as very offensive, especially when her first house is damaged.

This is something that a partner with a harmonious Mercury and a harmonious first house will struggle to understand. They will say something like: “Well, I didn’t mean you personally, I meant you generally.” But it is this very “generally” that Mercury in 1st House Synastry makes impossible to perceive. Why? Because, karmically, there is no such things as “generally”within this aspect, and everything your partner discusses “abstractly” is actually meant specifically for you.

If you work on Mercury in 1st House Synastry, you will gradually understand that the words of your partner are addressed to you personally by a higher egregor much more often than your partner thinks. Generally speaking (here’s your general again!), your partner’s thinking and reasoning make a strong impression on you and can even suppress you, but if he or she thinks they can convince you of anything they are wrong. Your silence does not mean agreement or obedience but symbolizes the difficulties of coming up with a counter-argument, unless your own Mercury, the Sun or Mars are in a synastric connection with your partner’s Mercury.

by A. Podvodny

Mercury in 1st House Synastry Explained

The “Mercurial” personality intellectually stimulates the personality of the “First House” with the aim of more effective self-expression. And the personality of the “First House” constantly “throws up” ideas for the creative expression of the “Mercury”. At the same time, it inspires the latter to actively move these ideas forward thanks to high energy capabilities.

Depending on the aspects of Mercury in the comparison and in the horoscope of the “Mercurial” personality, we can talk about the positive or negative impact on the image and self-expression of the personality of the “First House” of the opinions and authority of a “Mercurial” person. One way or another, the “Mercurial” personality in every way contributes to the formation of “feedback” in their relationship, which naturally stimulates the creativity of actions and self-expression of both partners.

by Geocult

1st House Synastry



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