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Moon in 10th House Synastry

Moon in 10th House synastry. The career and social status of the Tenth House person will significantly affect the ideology of “home and emotional well-being” of the “lunar” personality, forming a relationship, the qualitative characteristics of which will be determined based on specific conditions. Due to their professional activity and material wealth, the personality of the Tenth House will contribute a reliable foundation while the contribution of the “lunar” personality will be in providing comfort and coziness.

Moon in Tenth House synastry is very favorable for business relationships when they are based on financial interests. A family business (restaurant, real estate service, etc.) is also very successful. Family traditions, connections, and foundations, as well as the upbringing of both partners, are important and have a significant impact on relationship formation. It is likely that the above-mentioned factors interfere with the relationship to maintain the material or social status.

10th House synastry aspects

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Moon in 10th House Synastry Explained

An archetypal image of Moon in 10th House synastry is the wife (the Moon) giving instructions to her husband (the Tenth House) sending him to the grocery store.

Using specific examples of their incorrect behavior, you will be tempted to teach your Moon in Tenth House synastry partner how to live in the lunar sense of this verb, that is: to get settled in life with maximum comfort and minimum effort. However, the Moon is imprisoned in 10th House (because its ruler is Capricorn), and it is not guaranteed that the partner will welcome or even tolerate your teachings: they may seem too formal, tough, and generally irrelevant.

A Moon in 10th House synastry partner can accidentally present you with a significant choice on which your future will depend: this is especially likely if he is a family member: in this case, their health, mood, comfort, and living conditions will always affect you or become the subject of your concerns as if fate had intended for you to care for this person. Interestingly, this impression is correct, so if you deny your role as a caregiver or, even worse, reverse the whole situation and try to force your Moon in Tenth House synastry partner to care for you instead and they accept, then this synastry becomes a huge pitfall and after a while will cost you dearly (examples of payback include serious problems at work and financial losses).

With a strong Moon, the partner may begin to cruelly exploit you, abusing your sense of duty, and this will also be a temptation for you: you must know exactly where to stop; only then will your relations return to normal and become mutually acceptable and even constructive. And here you must not become proud of your partner’s lunar achievements, or not secretly begin to experience the inferiority complex because of them.

from A. Podvodny

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