Saturn in Taurus: character and fate

Saturn in Taurus: Character and Fate

Saturn in Taurus is supported by the Element of Earth and Venus (which is normally antagonistic to Saturn), so this is a strong but not an inherently easy position.

Saturn in Taurus people need a stable value system and a foundation for productive work, which is difficult to develop due to the slowness and caution of Taurus. Greed, secrecy, conservatism, and dependence on tasty, unhealthy food are pain points at the lower levels of evolutionary development here. However, spiritual growth attracts higher powers that help Saturn in Taurus accumulate energy and useful information for building a personal system of success on the way to the goal.

The influence of Saturn in Taurus on the fate

Saturn in Taurus is notorious for being slow not only to develop but (especially) to realize their life plan. These people are natural mid-level managers who feel their teams well. They easily fit into existing sets of rules, be it the dress code or an intricate chain of command. When they become bosses, they gladly set the rules everyone must follow.

The goal of Saturn in Taurus people is very pragmatic: to obtain a high position in society and accumulate wealth and real estate. With a harmonious and strong Saturn, this can be accomplished by the age of 30. When the planet is damaged, such vices as envy, stinginess, and lasciviousness develop, even though Saturn in Taurus people skillfully hide them from others, as well as the painful experiences they cause.

To be successful, Saturn in Taurus needs to find balance instead of oscillating between extremes: restrictions on spending and nutrition for the sake of great goals, or, conversely, insatiability in love and food. To do this, you need to know the main lines of influence of Saturn in Taurus on fate and character:

  • endurance, patience, restraint, perseverance and stubbornness, decisiveness, equanimity, and the habit of hiding true emotions;
  • leadership in secondary roles, preferring to be a deputy leader or a freelance artist with their own rules and daily routine; striving for financial reliability in work and emotional calmness in relationships (especially when located in the 7th house );
  • the ability to create an eternal and strong even from a business that has been destroyed to the ground, to recreate a family business, a family estate, to renew a bankrupt enterprise;
  • energy potential is revealed in farming, gardening, real estate trade, banking;
  • the desire to provide oneself with a dignified and comfortable old age encourages youth to save money for the future, even at the cost of an ascetic existence.

The love life of Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus is a reliable and faithful life companion (before and after the wedding) who carefully plans their family budget; however, you can hardly expect a passionate love affair with this person without Venus conjunct Pluto synastry or other sexually charged synastric aspects (above all, Venus-Mars and Mars-Pluto).

Saturn in Taurus men are caring and affectionate as long as they feel financially secure. If there are problems with finances, they become aggressive and extremely stingy. A Saturn in Taurus woman in this situation prefers to find a rich sponsor and either develop her own business at his expense or be supported without getting married (although she may still secretly imagine her ostentatious wedding).

When they become rich, Saturn in Taurus people tend to be generous, easily spending a fortune on a diamond engagement ring. Otherwise, the fear of remaining poor and defenseless makes them act recklessly (including marrying for money) and go through internal hell blaming themselves. But usually, they are in no hurry to get married trying to advance their career, save money and acquire a house first. Even attractive Saturn in Taurus women with various suitors begging for engagement rarely marry before their first Saturn Return, but they will make sure their wedding is lush and memorable.

After marriage, Saturn in Taurus people don’t like to reveal their souls to their spouse, keeping silent about difficulties at work and emotional experiences. An exception will be the presence of an ascending Water Sign or the Moon or Venus located in Pisces or Cancer. The hardest type to get along with is a Saturnian who has an Ascendant in Virgo and Capricorn or Saturn in Taurus in the 7th house.

Important aspects with other planets

With favorable aspects with Venus and the Moon, a Saturn in Taurus person becomes irresistibly charming, despite the slowness and secrecy. These combinations enhance natural gender qualities, making men more masculine and women more feminine. Such a person comes off as a sensitive and attentive interlocutor. On the other hand, tense aspects leave no chance for mutual understanding as rigidity and unwillingness to compromise dominate Saturn in Taurus’ character.

A harmonious aspect with Jupiter will be particularly helpful for having a successful career and amassing wealth (Jupiter and Saturn are intrinsically friendly). A positive aspect to Mars will increase determination in achieving goals (especially helpful in agriculture and handicraft). Mercury’s support improves speech and adds personal charm in business negotiations.


Saturn in Taurus people are very persistent in achieving their goals. Sometimes they are overly preoccupied with material possessions and the desire to save for the “rainy day”: this gives them a sense of security, but if it goes too far they become stingy and unhappy due to the constant concern about their future prosperity.

Saturn in Taurus people need to reconsider their values ​​and understand what can really provide true security (positive relationships with their loved ones, for example). On the other hand, being hard workers endowed with patience, caution, determination, discipline, and organizational skills, they often become the last men and women standing and collect the prizes while everyone else is defeated. Hard work is their forte, their feelings are serious and well-controlled but have a lot of inertia, so forgiving and forgetting bad things can be quite difficult.

Loyalty is extremely important for people with Saturn in Taurus. They are all about long-term planning and have the necessary skill set to achieve prominence by accomplishing involved projects most others would be crashed by. Their old days are usually serene and secure.