Venus in 12th House Synastry

Venus in 12th House Synastry

Venus in 12th House synastry – a strong psycho-emotional connection is established between the partners. They treat each other with compassion, understanding well the feelings and emotions of each other. Wherever they are and whatever they do, this spiritual, sensual and emotional mutual understanding is present, helping them in all their endeavors.

12th House synastry aspects

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Venus in 12th House Synastry Explained

Venus in 12th House synastry is common in literature: it’s a love story with jealousy and intrigue decorated with terrible family secrets and a curse that weighs on the sacrificial hero who usually dies.

The beauty of this partner and his love for you will cause deep almost religious feelings, and your natural desire will be to serve him faithfully without demanding anything in return. At the same time, your lower self will demand its share, and the ego of the partner will be activated, tempted by your unquestioning obedience and sacrifice.

Staying within the ethical framework can be difficult for both of you due to the fact that Venus in 12th House synastry gives a high level of intimacy of communication but in very specific situations. A higher octave of this relationship presupposes not only a deep psychological analysis but also an egress to religious experiences which will be very important; here, your karmic nodes with social programs can be unraveled; and what you will give to the partner (except for your exalted love) can become clear by studying the natal aspects of his Venus.

from A. Podvodny

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