Venus in 7th House Synastry

Venus in 7th House Synastry

Venus in 7th House synastry relationships are marked by strong romantic feelings, and if the Venus is positive both partners try to spend a much time together as possible, enjoying a very harmonious union. This synastry is suitable for marriage as both partners mind each other’s feelings and try to make the other one happy. They are socially active and attracted to everything beautiful even in professional and business relationships.

Since Venus governs the Seventh House, this synastry is mostly affected by the planet’s behavior. Thus, if Venus is positive there is hardly anything for the partners to worry about. The planet’s negativity results in emotional incompatibility, a lack of understanding, frequent quarrels, and displays of egoism which all erode the potential idyll.

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from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

The Celestial Embodiment of Male Desirability

Venus in 7th House Synastry Explained

Can beauty provoke aggression? It is only very naïve people (like those who think that beauty will save the world) who can think it’s impossible. The prettiest girl in the school is the target for the most snowballs: the pattern works in adulthood as well, often in considerably worse forms. If a wife’s Venus falls onto her husband’s Seventh House, her preparing for a night out, let alone her behavior with other men at social gatherings, can throw him into a profound rage. At these moments the husband thinks that his wife declares open war on him, using her natural weapons: bright makeup, playful voice, etc. Naturally, scenes of jealousy will not lead to anything positive, yet the husband will feel defeated and humiliated while the wife’s feelings could be deduced indirectly by Venus’ position in her own natal chart.

The karmic meaning of synastry Venus in Seventh House

The karmic task for synastry Venus in the 7th House is to understand that other people’s beauty and love cannot serve you personally: at best it happens to the extent your partner is willing to let it happen. Potentially, if you limit your aggression, synastry Venus in the Seventh House can give you and your partner strong mutual feelings (which will be fundamentally different) and excellent understanding, provided your partner learns to have mercy for your augmented senses of beauty and love. Your job, on the other hand, is both simple and harsh: you need to learn how to give to the world that what you think you are not getting enough from your partner.

from A. Podvodny

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