Venus conjunct Mars Synastry

Venus-Mars Synastry: Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Venus-Mars synastry combinations raise the issues of gender roles (which don’t always correspond to the natural genders). Thus, the proper analysis requires adjusting for whether each planet is the man’s, or the woman’s. For example, Venus square Mars synastry, arguably the most sexually charged aspect along with Pluto square Mars, will play out very differently if the man’s Mars squares the woman’s Venus versus vice-versa.

Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry

Like most conjunctions, Venus conjunct Mars synastry has the tendency to play out positively unless the planets are afflicted.

Venus conjunct Mars synastry relationships are based on strong physical attraction. It is very likely that this synastry will dominate the relationship between the partners regardless of the other aspects. Such relationships tend to turn into marital ones; however, it is usually the other synastric and natal aspects that determined the nature and strength of the marriage. But if both Venus and Mars are negatively aspected, many problems arise due to the partners’ jealousy and possessiveness.

Venus conjunct Mars is also very effective for financial and business relationships. The “Venusian” personality helps the “Martian” one become more sensual, diplomatic, and persistent in achieving personal goals while the “Martian” helps the “Venusian” become more dynamic and express itself more consistently.

Here, the passionate nature of Mars stimulates the loving nature of Venus. Venus conjunct Mars is a powerful aspect of attraction and a driver of emotions. Mars sometimes tends to be possessive in this synastry, becomes jealous or impulsive, and overly ardent, but Venus produces a soothing on Mars. Generally, Mars conjunct Venus is a positive aspect for love and marriage if other aspects support it. In a romantic relationship, however, it may signify the temptation to act recklessly before marriage is possible.

Venus conjunct Pluto synastry

Woman’s Mars Conjunct Man’s Venus

In this type of Mars conjunct Venus synastry, the partners experience a permutation of roles as each tends to subconsciously identify with his anima and animus figure. So, the man perceives the woman through his own subconscious feminine part while she symbolizes all the energy and perseverance that she expected from him. There is a magnetic and sexual attraction here, although the woman plays the leading role. But through his love for her, the man unintentionally expresses his own narcissism as he is subconsciously attracted to the male ego projection emanating from his partner.

Woman’s Venus Conjunct Man’s Mars

This variation of Venus conjunct Mars synastry is one of the most consistent aspects of the zodiac as both partners are in their natural gender roles. Strong sexual attraction creates a passionate and dynamic relationship. The sexual aspirations of the man find the desired receptivity in the woman’s warm feelings.

Venus Square Mars Synastry

Venus square Mars synastry relationships are based on a strong physical attraction of the partners. However, there is no meaningful emotional connection or mutual respect between them. Often, Venus square Mars synastry partners consider each other exclusively from the mercantile point of view instead of seeing each other as human beings.

In romantic and marital relationships, problems between Venus square Mars synastry partners often arise due to excessive jealousy and possessiveness. In addition, they both turn a blind eye to the mutual manifestations of impulsivity (both emotionally and sensually) and unreasonable use of material resources.

Venus square Mars synastry is by no means favorable for doing business, especially if it requires prudence and frugality. The “Venusian” person sees the “Martian” one as an overly impulsive, impudent, rude, and reckless person. The latter, in turn, views the “Venusian” as slow, soft-spoken, indecisive, incoherent, and prone to mood swings. Unsurprisingly, Venus square Mars synastry is considered quite difficult in forming close personal relationships.

Venus finds Mars unnecessarily intolerant. Sometimes one of the partners will resist the other, and mutual attraction will not always be felt. Negative emotions in Venus square Mars synastry can lead to friction and quarrels. Jealousy will often arise in love and marriage. Unless many harmonious aspects balance this aspect, there will be intense tension or conflict in love and marital relationships. If the personalities are not spiritually developed, one of the partners can cheat, or they both will cheat on each other systematically.

Venus Square Pluto Synastry

Man’s Venus Square Woman’s Mars

This variation of Mars square Venus synastry forces the partners to experience a reversal of roles because they tend to play the opposite role when trying to connect. Due to this, subconscious needs are revealed. The man, trying to identify with his energetic nature through a woman, must face his own passivity. Since he sees that she is attracted to his gentleness, it may be difficult for him to understand that she is trying to achieve her own femininity through him. Although this aspect creates sexual attraction, both partners must understand each other’s needs if the relationship is to last.

Man’s Mars Square Woman’s Venus

As a result of powerful sexual magnetism, this type of Mars square Venus synastry can create highly passionate and intense relationships. The woman’s undisclosed desires can bring out the man’s “raw” instincts. Since both partners communicate at the lower level, the relationship appears to lack human attention; however, the extent of sexual satisfaction can exceed any expectations. As a result, the relationship may lack the intrinsic morality or standards necessary for marriage, but it’s often perfect for friends-with-benefits who only want to realize their dirtiest sexual fantasies with no strings attached.

Venus Trine Mars Synastry

Venus trine Mars synastry’s signature is an incredibly strong physical attraction between the partners. This helps form not only romantic but also financial and business relations, especially in art. Venus trine Mars synastry partners find pleasure in communicating with each other at work and in everyday life displaying good compatibility and understanding.

The “Venusian” personality helps the “Martian” to be more diplomatic and harmonious in self-expression. The “Martian” personality helps the “Venusian” to overcome inertia, timidity, and self-doubt, as well as to get activated in a creative way.

Woman’s Venus Trine Man’s Mars

In this type of Venus trine Mars synastry, both partners acquire natural compatibility as they assume natural partner roles. The man’s energy complements the woman’s need for activity. At the same time, her assistance strengthens the expression of his ego. The sexual attraction is moderate, but the relationship is saturated with a general sense of harmony since each of the partners can really be themselves without compromising the well-being of the other. This Venus trine Mars synastry is great for a long-lasting friendship or marriage.

Woman’s Mars Trine Man’s Venus

This variation of Mars trine Venus synastry is one of the most interesting aspects that can arise in a relationship as the man subconsciously identifies with his feminine part while the woman subconsciously identifies with her masculine part. Trine makes this permutation of roles harmonious: the partners treat each other favorably. Sexual attraction may not be as strong as in conjunction, opposition, or square. The woman plays the more energetic role. Ultimately, an emphasis put on this Mars trine Venus synastry can cause a much stronger and more lasting relationship than the volatile aspects resulting in increased sexuality but less harmony.

Mars Opposite Venus Synastry

With Mars opposite Venus synastry, relationships are still based on attraction and romance; however, this aspect does not guarantee stability, harmony, and longevity of these relationships. If other aspects don’t mitigate this synastry, conflict situations arise between the partners due to jealousy and possessiveness. The “Martian” considers the “Venusian” attractive and desirable, beautiful and charming, but her supersensitivity and emotionality cause rejection.

The relationship between these partners develops more naturally if the “Martian” personality is a man and the “Venusian” personality is a woman. If everything is the other way around, then the woman begins to show dominant habits, especially if Venus is in the signs of Air or Fire (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). If the partners want to remain friends, they need to show mutual respect and diplomacy. The “Martian” should not show aggressiveness and recklessness while the “Venusian” should avoid manifestations of hypersensitivity and resentment.

Harmony is also needed in areas of financial and business activities, otherwise, at least one of the partners will feel oppressed and used, and then conflicts cannot be avoided. The “Venusian” may consider the “Martian” overly excitable and belligerent, but his or her own aggressiveness, rudeness and desire to dominate spoil the matters just as greatly.

Man’s Venus Opposite Woman’s Mars

Man’s Venus opposite Mars of Woman synastry forces the partners to fight for their identity due to the swapped projections of the anima/animus as the man identifies with his female role while the woman does with her male one. The sexual attraction is strong, but the man is secretly indignant at the energy and perseverance of the woman playing the role he would like to play himself. At the same time, she is outraged by his perceived weakness and humility. Thus, each of them must make concessions if the relationship is to work, and this is much easier said than done as it requires overcoming a lot of animosities that amount quickly even if the partners try to pretend it’s not there.

Man’s Mars Opposite Woman’s Venus

This version of Mars opposite Venus synastry enhances sexual attraction while emphasizing the way in which both partners symbolically play on archetypal differences between the sexes. The woman sees the individualistic side of the man. She needs his attention but does not know how to achieve it without trampling on her feminine sensitivity. At the same time, the man may experience a feeling of rejection, interpreting it as her indifference. This Mars opposite Venus synastry tends to lead to unfortunate misunderstandings even if both partners have good intentions.

Venus Sextile Mars Synastry

Venus sextile Mars synastry relationships are based on strong romantic feelings and physical attraction. The partners are socially active, have many friends and associates. The high energy and will of the “Martian” personality help the “Venusian” to overcome inertia, and that, on its part, helps the “Martian” to express themselves more harmoniously while moderating the excessive ardor and impulsiveness in actions. The diplomatic abilities and social awareness of the “Venusian” help the “Martian” to achieve financial well-being and professional success through the rational and optimal use of energy resources.

All in all, Venus sextile Mars synastry is similar to conjunction, but there is no tendency to the excessive emotional expression of feelings, jealousy, ardor, or impulsiveness. This aspect is very auspicious for marriage.

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