Venus conjunct Pluto Synastry

Venus-Pluto Synastry – Conjunct, Square, Trine, Opposite, Sextile

Venus-Pluto synastry combinations are powerful aspects that strongly influence people’s relationships, often resulting in movie-like stories.

In romantic relationships, a Venus-Pluto synastry often creates a stable couple where the partners aren’t merely attracted to each other physically but share a greater, almost spiritual connection. Often the circumstances are so favorable that they run a successful business together. A marriage based on a positive Pluto-Venus synastry is likely to last and bear a wide range of truly unique experiences taking the partners’ breath away. But, even in a negative scenario, the sexual side of the partners’ life will likely be peerless, often being the factor that glues them together for years. D. Rudoy’s Martina Flawd describes in detail such a relationship between a Toltec witch and a sorcerer:

In a romantic couple’s Venus-Pluto synastry, Venus governs the man while Pluto represents the woman. This explains why this aspect is harder for men, especially if the aspect is negative: Pluto is more powerful than Venus, so the woman tries to get the upper hand in the relationship and make the man dance to her tune. If he agrees to give up his natural gender role of a leader and accepts the passive position, sooner or later his psyche will crack under pressure, leaving him vulnerable to psychological breakdowns.

To understand what scenario (negative or positive) is more likely for your Venus-Pluto synastry, it’s crucial to know which of the following aspects is formed by the two planets.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Synastry

As with all conjunctions, Venus conjunct Pluto synastry can play out in positive and negative scenarios alike.

Venus conjunct Pluto synastry relationships are based on the partners’ strong romantic and physical attraction. With the negative aspect, the “Plutonian” personality can show jealousy and possessive tendencies toward the “Venusian” one, trying to control and “remake it” (as discussed above). If these inclinations of the “Plutonian” nature are not controlled, they will have a sharply negative effect on the intimate side of the romantic and marital relationship, usually making the “Venusian” personality lose interest and avoid the partner.

In a positive scenario, the Venus conjunct Pluto synastry relationship is marked by an ongoing spiritual revival of the partners regardless of external circumstances. The “Plutonian” helps the “Venusian” financially and this allows them to work in tandem in such spheres as business and finance, art, culture, and insurance. Here, mutual respect and spiritual unity allow the partners to overcome difficulties and enjoy each other’s company immensely.

Woman’s Pluto Conjunct Man’s Venus

This type of Pluto conjunct Venus synastry makes the man identify with his anima while trying to transform himself. A woman may never let him know that she is actually his “shadow” expressing the covert tendencies of everything he loves. The reasons for her erratic reactions or intense passions are often hidden. However, over time, the intensity deepens as love evokes a mystical connection between the partners. The focal point of this type of Venus conjunct Pluto synastry is the changes and transformations of the man’s idea of ​​his true gender role: not an image forced onto him by paid media, but that which his nature actually agrees with.

Woman’s Venus Conjunct Man’s Pluto

In this variant of Pluto conjunct Venus synastry, the woman feels the depth of the man’s reactions, which she is not used to expressing openly. A passionate sexual attraction brings the partners together and supports the revitalization of their lives. The past is thrown aside with each new discovery in the present. There is a secret quality in this love that retains the strength of its original essence. It is rare for people to experience these feelings for extended periods of time, but this aspect causes love to be mystically reborn. When a woman finds herself, the man realizes his regenerating power and assumes his proper cosmic role.

Venus Square Pluto Synastry

Venus square Pluto synastry relationships are based on a strong physical attraction similar to those characteristic of the “Venus — Mars” synastries. However, this union can completely destroy the feelings of Venus.

In romantic relationships and in marriage, the aspect indicates problems of mutual attunement. If the partners are not spiritually developed, one can have a demoralizing, corrupting influence on the other. The moral purity of Venus will be severely tested. Pluto Square Venus synastry sometimes indicates differences in social interests and in how people prefer to relax, spend their free time, which can lead to disagreements. In romantic relationships, this is a common aspect of unrequited love with severe obsessive overtones.

As attraction prevails over romance, Pluto square Venus synastry partners constantly face jealousy and possessive habits. The “Plutonian” personality tries to control the “Venusian” one and dominate not only on the sensual and emotional plane but to take the upper position in financial and business relations. The “Venusian” considers the “Plutonian” to be aggressive, tactless and demanding in intimate life while the “Plutonian” considers the “Venusian” superficial and excessively frivolous.

Venus square Pluto synastry is not considered successful for financial and business relationships since disagreements and issues related to who should be in the driver’s seat will constantly arise between the partners.

Man’s Venus Square Woman’s Pluto

The gentle and feminine love nature of a man whose Venus is squared by a woman’s Pluto can be challenged by his partner’s gross subconscious impulses. The woman can pose a threat to his sense of confidence and reliability because she mocks the very things he believes can soften her feelings for him. The more he reacts to his anima figure, the more humiliated he feels.

Although this type of Venus square Pluto synastry enhances sexual attraction, it is usually associated with too much friction for the man to feel comfortable. However, thanks to her partner, the woman can transform noticeably if she can eliminate her rude and condescending behavior, turning into a less volatile but more flexible character.

Man’s Pluto Square Woman’s Venus

Under this type of Pluto square Venus synastry, the woman senses sharply what the man cannot see in her. While he sees the woman in her natural role, she possesses the inner perception that affects his consciousness. However, it can be very difficult for her to deal with this relationship because its intensity tends to throw her off balance. The more she tries to help the man transform, the more she destroys parts of her own past. Spiritual growth can certainly occur in this Venus square Pluto synastry, but the upheavals that cause progress can be too difficult to handle within a lasting partnership or marriage.

Venus Trine Pluto Synastry

Venus trine Pluto synastry relationships are based on a strong physical and romantic attraction. The aspect is considered promising for financial, business, and professional partnerships, especially in the fields of beauty and luxury.

The “Venusian” personality helps the “Plutonian” one to become more diplomatic and sensitive while the latter helps the “Venusian” to develop spiritually in the process of positive self-expression. The “Plutonian” brings a certain element of occult mysticism into the relationship, and the “Venusian” tries to give the relationship harmony and a constructively positive direction of evolution.

Woman’s Venus Trine Man’s Pluto

In this type of Venus trine Pluto synastry, the woman’s nature reaches its acme. She hears the call of his subconscious music which draws her to him through the obscure shades of colorful impressions. These relationships are saturated with a romantic and ghostly tone, as a woman dissolves in the subtle subconscious of a man. Like a shifting mirror, he shows her a kaleidoscope of impressions that reflect her feelings. She is the music, and he is the inspiration playing the song of love, the plaintive melody of which is the stream of consciousness in which this relationship flows.

Woman’s Pluto Trine Man’s Venus

Under Pluto trine Venus synastry, the emotional warmth of the man complements the spiritual depth of the woman. At the bottom of the well of her soul, she senses the treasure that he offers her. He invites her to transform her lower nature, to rise above the inner hell to the perfect simplicity of self-recognition. Soft transformations cause significant growth in both partners. The man realizes the power of his ability to love, and the woman sees the light at the end of the tunnel as the partners move towards each other.

Pluto Sextile Venus Synastry

Pluto sextile Venus synastry relationships are formed between individuals based on mutual physical attraction and the desire to raise the intellectual and social status, regardless of whether these relationships are business or personal. The “Plutonian” personality helps the “Venusian” one to establish social and emotional ties while the latter contributes to the creation of a reliable diplomatic base for the subsequent implementation of the projects conceived together.

The Pluto man is often demanding, jealous, consuming and dominant, acting as an owner in relation to the Venus woman, but the benevolent aspect of Venus sextile Pluto synastry softens this to a certain degree and encourages a reassessment of life values for both partners. Nevertheless, in close alliances (marital or business ones) financial difficulties may arise, leading to antagonism and deception, which can end badly for Venus. In a romantic relationship, underdeveloped Pluto can contribute to the degradation of Venus through vulgarity.

Other aspects need to be considered to decide how much of a moral test the Pluto sextile Venus synastry will be.

Pluto Opposite Venus Synastry

The Pluto opposite Venus synastry causes strong romantic feelings and physical attraction, similar in characteristics to those in the “Venus – Mars” synastry.

The “Venusian” personality may consider the “Plutonian” dominant, jealous, controlling, and possessive, while the latter considers the “Venusian” one superficial and easily amenable to outside influences. Here, a lot depends on the strength of Pluto in each partner’s natal chart. On the positive side, the love relationship between Venus opposite Pluto synastry can be deeply spiritual and reborn, stimulating both partners’ creative abilities which they might not have considered of before. At the same time, feelings of mutual respect and attention arise.

The area of ​​common interest covers metaphysical theories in art, culture, and social life. Joint financial and business activity is also possible. However, divorces between these partners are often accompanied by serious material issues.

Man’s Venus Opposite Woman’s Pluto

Much like with Venus conjunct Pluto synastry, this is a very passionate and volatile aspect that often causes disconnections and breakups. The man subconsciously feels his own feminine side and tries to do away with everything that he sees as weakness. The woman sees herself in him, but she may not understand her destructive power, fighting his will to bestow. Difficult transformations can be achieved as a result of this aspect as powerful sexual forces reach the partners’ feelings, eventually bringing to the surface a new awareness that causes mutual spiritual growth.

Man’s Pluto Opposite Woman’s Venus

The woman feels the passion and impermanence of the man, which originate at the lowest levels and lead her through difficult changes. The woman gives her love, while the man destroys everything in her that stymies her growth. In this process, the gentle, calming vibration of Venus is constantly threatened as the understanding of love is tested at its deepest levels. Seeking the approval of her partner, sooner or later the woman loses herself in a major breakthrough which — if she can handle it — will eventually lead to a new awareness. But generally, Pluto opposite Venus synastry is too difficult an aspect, and it often destroys the relationship, regardless of other strengths the partners have.