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Neptune in 4th House Synastry

Under Neptune in 4th House synastry relationships are formed on a basis of psycho-emotional connection between people which become karmic as their ties grow stronger and closer. The positive or negative shades of Neptune in 4th House synastry are determined by the planet as it is more influential in this aspect. Thus, the ‘Neptunian’ personality has a large potential to shape the common reality of the partners.

If Neptune is auspicious, relationships are characterized by spiritual and emotional upsurges and a creative constructiveness in all spheres of life. If the synastry is negative, psychological disharmony, misunderstandings, disagreements, and incompatibility arise as the partners try to communicate. They feel a distance in their spiritual and sensual relationship due to a growing feeling of psychological unease.

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Neptune in 4th House Synastry Explained

Neptune in 4th House Synastry partners may cause you some vague concerns and suspicions that they will deceive you in something important. However, there is no worse enemy and deceiver of a man than the man himself: any partner can only activate your own self-deception programs.

In the case of Neptune in Fourth House synastry, the partner can (knowingly or unconsciously) play on your feelings of self-importance and stability in the world. If in a moment of frankness and self-doubt you ask about his opinion of you in general, it will be very difficult for your partner to answer you exactly. The problem that interests you, and any inaccurate answer to your Neptune in 4th House Synastry partner will not sound to you or will be taken in an abstract way – but it can be picked up subconscious programs that support your false self-assertion (at the expense of others, etc.).

For example, you can be very pleased when a Neptune in Fourth House Synastry partner, coming to your house or having a casual conversation in a different environment that is quite comfortable and familiar, languidly scolds common acquaintances for the lack of character traits, which, in your opinion, you possess and are very proud of. At the same time you, however, may have an unpleasant feeling of light squeamishness towards your partner, coupled with doubts about his sincerity and disinterestedness, but it will probably quickly dissipate.

It may seem to Neptune in 4th House Synastry partners that they can win your trust by flattery and praise of your home and family … but it is not so simple, and their ability to erode your life attitudes will be limited still.

In general, Neptune in 4th House Synastry is marked with subtle positive effects, especially for your partners: they can adore going to your house, playing with children, etc., without suspecting that their level of meditation in such situations could be much higher … You, on the other hand, you will not suspect this either, although over time you can notice that opening up in communication with a Neptune in 4th House Synastry partner, you greatly change his or her perception of reality. However, how to constructively use such circumstances is difficult to understand.

from A. Podvodny

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