Sun in 3rd House Synastry

Sun in 3rd House Synastry

Sun in 3rd House synastry makes mutual intellectual and mental stimulation possible through the emergence of new ideas and proposals from the side of the Third House person. A more energetically active person who skillfully uses the influence of the Sun will, in turn, constantly stimulate the Third House person to generate ideas with originality, breadth of thinking and an indomitable passion for cooperation. This kind of relationship is a pure dream for writers, scientists, and all those who live and breathe by active thinking.

The downside of the Sun in 3rd House synastry is expressed mainly in the innumerable ideas of how to pursuit pleasures which could be distracting as far as one’s main life objectives are concerned.

from F. Sakoyan, L. Ecker

Sun in 3rd House Synastry Explained

Under the Sun in 3rd House synastry, you will perceive the superficially-social aspect of your partner’s initiative well, as if he or she were your old acquaintance or friend, albeit not a close one. Your possible tolerance and friendliness in response to his or her signs of attention within the framework of purely social communication can, however, mislead the partner if they decide that you want to reduce the distance.

If the partner insists on getting closer, you will probably misinterpret this intention, not seeing anything in them except standard, impersonal social behavior, or perhaps (much to your partner’s surprise), you will begin teaching them or preaching to them (depending on the synastric aspects of their Sun).

The Karmic Meaning of the Sun in Third House Synastry

For you, a Sun in the Third House synastry partner is a person from whom you can learn a lot even maintaining a superficial relationship. You can benefit the most in terms of improving your social ethics: your partner’s initiatives and intentions will cause correct subconscious reactions in you, although you will most likely not be able to see your partner’s positive influence in this, especially if your 3rd House is afflicted.

Your task is to carefully analyze and draw conclusions about how you relate to people in general, what you expect from them, and what you are ready to do for them. A Sun in the Third House synastry partner will be inclined to teach you this directly (due to the will aspect of the Sun), and you should be open up to learning at any point, but only truly deep and meaningful things and matters.

from A. Podvodny

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