Saturn in 2nd House Synastry

Saturn in 2nd House Synastry

Saturn in 2nd House synastry forms relationships between individuals on a basis of strict mutual responsibility.

The “Saturnine” personality influences the identity of the Second House by teaching it forethought and frugality in matters of joint financial activities. As a result, the personality of the Second House begins to competently manage their affairs. And the experience, skill and industriousness of the “Saturnian” personality finally ensures the success of the joint active life of this union.

In a negative scenario, financial losses and difficulties may haunt the partners in their activities. The “Saturnine” personality can become selfish and tactless, which makes it difficult to successfully complete the tasks of joint business enterprises.

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Saturn in 2nd House Synastry Explained

Saturn in 2nd House synastry partners are sent to you by God to awaken your conscience and make you think about your main life values, ethics and environmental behavior. However, it is unlikely that you will regard his or her Saturn as tedious, greedy, or cruel in that way; more often than not, you will not pay much attention to them. On the other hand, your partner will still have the ability to wake you up to a sense of responsibility, to set you up to a discussion of your life attitudes, to help you realize and deepen them.

A lot depends on the position of Saturn in your partner’s natal chart and the level of its refinement: if their Saturn is afflicted and undeveloped, it is very likely that the partner will subconsciously project their complexes on you and blame you for the viciousness of your particular attitudes and values, not just specific ones actions. Nevertheless, even in this case, you should bear in mind that his reproaches are not entirely unconscious, and there are some flaws in your ethics and attitudes that karma hints at, albeit in a harsh form.

A harmonious Second House will weaken the described effects: it will be fairly easy for you to shift the conversation to another topic or simply buy off your partner in one way or another. This, however, will not reduce the seriousness and relevance for both aspects but only postpone the corresponding problems for a while. In general, Saturn in 2nd House synastry is a difficult aspect, especially when both partners don’t notice the danger they pose for each other. The key is learning to respect your partner who in many respects is completely different from you.

from A. Podvodny

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